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Punching Tools Eliminate Fasteners, Secondary Operations

May 15, 2022

Mate-Fastener-Tools-LanceMate Precision Technologies offers two tools that can eliminate fasteners and the need for secondary operations, according to a new company blog post.

One, the screw pocket lance and form tool (pictured), eliminates the need for both the formed flange and hardware. Instead, the tool creates a form in the edge of the sheet, designed to receive directly the screw thread. Then, both components are fastened securely together. Available in most tooling styles, the screw pocket lance and form application, can be used on all materials ranging from 0.030 0.078 in. thick.

The second, SnapLock, allows fabricators to join parts without fasteners, even if the parts are of different materials or thicknesses. It eliminates secondary operations such as spot welding, riveting or fastening. Instead, SnapLock creates a self-locking, spring-loaded tab that snaps securely into a pre-punched hole. The small button provides a positive mechanical lock when engaged with the hole in the receiving tab. Although SnapLock is designed for use to a maximum material thickness of 0.0625 in., design variations are available for thicker materials.

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