Tube-Bending, Spinning and Flowforming Machines

March 1, 2008

KGK International Corp., Buffalo Grove, IL, will showcase a variety of metalworking equipment, including the Nissin CNC tube bender that can achieve angles greater than 270 deg. and perform large-radius Tube-bending, spinning and flowforming machines and spiral-form bending. Its Windows-based software offers simple programming for even complex shapes. The tube bender can produce quality 3D bends with quality surface finishes due to a patented design that minimizes tube deformation. The bender is available in three models to form tube diameters from 5/16 to 2 3/8 in. 


Also showcased, Nihon Spindle spinning and flowforming equipment that eliminates cutting, welding and mold costs by spinning or flowing material into shape. It features an energy- and space-saving process that turns a blank or tubular material and presses a spinning roll on it to form a desired shape, or via flowing metallic structure, forms gears and grooves into desired shapes.

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