Tube Bender Fit for Industry 4.0

May 1, 2016

German manufacturer Schwarze-Robitec has introduced a new high-performance control system for tube-bending machines, the NxG 2.0, designed to help fabricators cope with increasingly complex part geometries, new materials and the call for lower unit costs. The controller, designated as “fit for Industry 4.0,” features basic modules that support the gathering and processing of real-time data. Integrated sensors provide information on wear values or the consumption of lubricants, and alert users regarding the status of the bending tools or the need for machine maintenance. Bending-process data then can be backed up on a corporate network or in the cloud for retrieval and analysis, and statistical information can be viewed in real time.

The control’s HMI control panel also has been optimized to improve process reliability and enable intuitive operation. “This makes the development of bending programs or the input of tool data easier, says Bert Zorn, managing director of Schwarze-Robitec.

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