All-Electric Small-Diameter Tube Bender

February 1, 2011

The new compact, all-electric, multi-tool Smart tube-bending machine from BLM Group USA, Wixom, MI, bends small-diameter tubes to a maximum OD of 1.12 in. Fit the machine with automatic load/unload units for extended periods of untended operation. The 12-axis tube bender can produce complex tubular components in a single cycle, including a combination of left- and right-hand bends, conventional and variable-radius bends, multi-radius, tight
All-Electric Small-Diameter Tube Bender
and compound bends. Accuracy: ± 0.00196 in. x-axis, ± 0.05 deg. y and z-axes.

Easy-to-use 3D graphical programming software provides real-time simulation of the bending operation and automatically corrects for possible collision points. It selects the optimum machine parameters for the cycle, maximizing productivity and quality while minimizing operator involvement and changeover time. The system also permits offline programming.

Fully digital connections of the motors allow users to obtain diagnostic information about each machine component, helping to ensure optimal machine performance and minimal downtime.

BLM Group: 248/560.0080;

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