Press Brake Boasts Automatic Tool Changer and Bend Indicator to Eliminate Setup and Test Bends

June 1, 2013

Amada’s new HD-ATC (automatic tool changer) press brake, built on its high-performance HD series platform, features a hybrid drive system engineered for low energy consumption—it requires less hydraulic fluid than conventional machines. In addition to being eco-friendly, the hybrid drive system maintains a high rate of repeatability—±0.00004 in. To maintain bending accuracy while processing materials that vary in type, thickness and grain direction, the machine includes bend-indicator sensors (probe or laser) to enable trial-free bending. Bend angles are measured and adjusted on the fly to ensure correct angles on the first bend and to monitor and adjust angles throughout the run.

The ATC can store more than 86 ft. of precision tooling. Its four-axis manipulator selects and places punches and dies from the tool magazine into the brake, avoiding costly delays typically associated with conventional tool changes. Tool changes are performed in 3 min. or less.

A precise (±0.0004 in.) tapered backgauge provides continuously updated feedback to the machine’s AMNC/PC NT-based control. To provide maximum productivity, the HD’s intelligent control digitizes the bending process and delivers highly efficient offline programming. Enhanced network functions within the control allow operators to call up complete sets of bending data from the server. In addition, the control can create 3D images from DXF, DWG and IGES files. Generating bending data using 3D images makes programming a more intuitive process, and 3D simulation enables the identification of problems before they can occur.

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