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Acronym for Initial Graphics Exchange Specification.

Impact Resistance

Ability to resist deformation from impact.

Inboard Mill

A rollforming machine with a housing only on one end of the roll tooling shaft.


Particles of impurities usually oxides, sulphides, or silicates which separate from the liquid steel and are mechanically held during solidification. In some grades of steel, inclusions are made intentionally high to aid machinability.

Indexable Tool Stations

Special tool positions in a turret press which are equipped with numerically controlled servo drives rotating the punch and die together to profile contours, nibble angles or for other special applications.

Inductance Instrument

Instrument which is used to measure thickness of applied coatings to metal substrates. Unlike magnetic thickness gauges, inductance gauges can measure either conductive or non-conductive coatings on magnetic or non-magnetic substrates.

Induction Hardening

A form of hardening in which the heating is done by induced electrical current.


See Inserted Fastener.

Inserted Fastener

Variety of pins, nuts, studs, standoffs or special hardware which are installed in a workpiece by inserting it into a specifically punched hole. See chapter on Inserted Fasteners.

Inside Radius

See Bend Radius.