Faster, Smarter Tubular Parts Production

October 1, 2014

Unison tube benderUnison
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Tube-bending machine manufacturer Unison will introduce a manually powered but CNC-controlled tube bender designed for low-volume work; advanced Opt2Sim PC-based 3D simulation software for efficient offline development and validation of production-ready bending programs; and a highly versatile all-electric machine from its Breeze line of tube benders for bending tube and pipe to 2-in. dia. The machine will incorporate multi-radius/multi-stack tooling, allowing Unison to demonstrate its ability to create complex tubular part shapes with multiple tightly spaced bends, with minimal setup time, operator involvement or material scrap. All of the machine’s motion axes, including its direct-acting clamp and pressure dies, feature CNC-controlled precision servomotors to facilitate fully automatic setup and ensure extremely accurate and repeatable bending.
Industry-Related Terms: Bending, Scrap
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Technologies: Bending, Fabrication


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