Press-Brake Tooling System Clamps and Seats in One Operation

January 1, 2011

The ExpressRail hydraulic clamping system displayed at Fabtech by Wilson Tool, White Bear Lake, MN, enables fabricators to reduce the number of steps in their
Press-Brake Tooling System
press-brake tooling setups and changeovers. Available for Wilson American Precision and WT Style Precision tooling, the ExpressRail clamping system automatically clamps and seats tooling in a single operation. One touch of the wireless pendant control activates the clamps to quickly and accurately clamp and seat tooling along the full length of the beam.

A unique low-profile design won’t eat into the open height required for larger parts, optimizing bending capacity. The tooling is treated with Wilson Tool’s Nitrex high-endurance surface enhancement for optimal corrosion resistance and clamp life.

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