Nonmetal 3D Printer

October 2, 2019

Booth A3754

BigRep showcases its Studio G2 3D printer. Designed to print engineering-grade materials, it features a fully enclosed and insulated build envelope of 500 by 1000 by 500 mm, fast-heating print bed reaching 100 C and temperature-controlled filament chamber. With its dual extruder equipped with two 0.6-mm ruby nozzles, the printer produces detailed results with abrasive engineering-grade materials, such as polyamide 6/66, at layer heights as little as 0.1 mm. Future materials to be released: engineering-grade materials such as acrylonitrile styrene acrylate and composite materials with carbon /glass-fiber enhancement. The offering also comes equipped with the company’s Blade slicer software, which provides accurate printing time and material-use calculations for optimized productivity. 

Industry-Related Terms: Abrasive, Bed, Layer
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Technologies: Additive Manufacturing


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