New Tool-Steel Alloy for Binder Jetting

December 9, 2020

The latest addition to the Digital Metal AB material portfolio: DM D2, a tool-steel alloy that provides an effective combination of abrasive wear resistance and toughness while suitable for a range of applications, according to company officials who note its most common use for cutting and deformation tools.

Tool makers typically choose D2 due to its required hardness that enables stamping and forming of other metal alloys without losing its shape. Digital Metal’s DM D2 high-carbon, high-chromium material can be heat treated to high hardness and compressive strength, and offers high wear resistance and suitability for cold-work applications.

“We have been receiving more and more requests for a D2 tool steel suitable for use with our printers,” says Christian Lönne, Digital Metal CEO at Digital Metal. “We have designed the DM D2 to deliver excellent surface finish and flexibility, as well as strength and hardness. This alloy is very stable during heat treatments, which allows for tailoring of the final material properties through various heat treatments after sintering.”
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