New Markforged AM-Trends Report Details 100-Plus Use Cases

May 29, 2020

Markforged has released its 2020 Additive Trends Report, which details a strong trend toward 3D printing adoption and highlights more than 100 additive manufacturing (AM) use cases across general manufacturing, automotive, medical, military and other industries.

One main trend noted in the report: AM is allowing manufacturers and engineers across industries to quickly and cost-effectively replace unique parts that break, produce more efficient machinery or test out new pieces—ensuring less downtime, constant innovation and seamless maintenance. 

The applications detailed in the report center around four major themes: accessibility, design freedom, physical strength and durability, and reliability—all of which are meant to improve or complement traditional manufacturing processes and workstreams.

“Many of our industry peers still believe that the value of AM is 10-15 years away when you can 3D print houses, cars and airplanes,” says Michael Papish, vice president of marketing at Markforged. “But we’re seeing real value with customers today. Applications we’re featuring in our new Trends Report and Applications Library are already practical applications that manufacturers can use to save money, reduce downtime and open up new revenue streams.”
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