ASTM International, America Makes Collaborate on AM-Data Strategic Guide

August 26, 2020

ASTM International’s Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence (AM CoE), in collaboration with America Makes, has debuted a strategic guide that identifies gaps, challenges, solutions and action plans for additive manufacturing (AM) data. The guide results from a December 2019 ASTM International/America Makes-organized workshop on AM-data management that assembled 100 experts from government, industry and academia for a series of technical talks, panel discussions and brainstorming sessions.

Recent developments in digital data acquisition, analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence, and modeling could quickly accelerate the AM-development timeline. However, this growth has yet to be observed, according to ASTM and America Makes officials.

“A key and large gap in the development of an AM-data ecosystem is how to easily and securely generate, store, analyze and share critical and vital data,” says Mohsen Seifi, Ph.D, ASTM's director of global AM programs. “A sub-gap is the consistency of the data that is gathered across multiple groups.”

“This strategic guide attempts to address series of gaps and provide solutions and potential action plans to address the gaps,” explains Mahdi Jamshidinia, Ph.D., ASTM’s AM R&D project manager. “The guide provides a summary of discussions during the workshop and can be used by all industry stakeholders and AM experts who want to participate in the development of an AM-data ecosystem and contribute to standardization.”

Says Brandon Ribic, technology director of America Makes: “The guide highlights the importance of data management and data principles, which will benefit the broader AM supply chain, and will serve as a resource to strengthen collaboration and ease the challenges common to AM-data sharing,” 

In addition to the guide, the AM CoE debuted a new video on data management featuring interviews with key voices throughout the AM field. See the video at

Another workshop outcome: creation of a new subcommittee on data (F42.08) within ASTM’s AM-technologies committee (F42). The subcommittee will develop and perform value-stream mapping to identify the needs, processes, tools, opportunities and dependencies required to obtain complete digital-thread understanding.

“This new subcommittee will provide a home for AM-data experts where key standards activities can be coordinated, prioritized and developed,” says Alex Kitt, Ph.D., product manager at EWI and chair of the new subcommittee. 

Standardization of an AM common data dictionary is one document currently being worked on by the subcommittee.
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