AM Solutions Adds Automated Metal-Surface Finishing from PostProcess Technologies

March 4, 2021

PostProcess Technologies Inc. has announced the adoption of its Deci Duo automated metal-surface-finishing solution by AM Solutions-Manufacturing Services, a new operating company of the Rösler Group, located in Italy. AM Solutions-Manufacturing Services mainly is dedicated to manufacturing services, especially additive manufacturing (AM), and offers end-to-end customer support across all manufacturing process phases of an application. The new post-printing solution will enlarge the company’s current portfolio of solutions used for finishing complex metal geometries.

This addition, according to PostProcess Technologies officials, will maximize the number of possible finishing options for customer parts, especially enabling the set-up of hybrid and tailor-made processes.Deci Duo’s defining feature reportedly is its Thermal Atomized Fusillade (TAF) technology. Directed by PostProcess’ AutoMat3D software, TAF combines exclusive chemistries and suspended solid media to direct three axes of motion while precisely controlling flow, heat, liquid and air pressure. This technology expands options offered by AM Solutions-Manufacturing Services for treating AM parts and finishing metal surfaces, particularly in honeycomb structures, on fine-feature details and through channels.


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Technologies: Additive Manufacturing


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