AM Aids in Maintaining, Growing Business During Pandemic, Survey Shows

December 11, 2020

From Markforged comes a new survey report detailing how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted manufacturers worldwide, and how additive manufacturing (AM) has helped them maintain business continuity and grow amid global disruption.

Manufacturers with an industrial 3D printer realized productivity and cost savings during the pandemic, according to the report, with 68 percent of respondents indicating that the technology either saved the business “some time” or a “significant amount of time.” In addition, nearly 60 percent state that 3D printing has either saved them “some money” or “a significant amount of money.”

Manufacturers also report, according to the survey, that AM use has allowed them to stay agile and operational during the pandemic—and provided means to give back. For example, nearly half of respondents claim that they are operating “business as usual,” and nearly a quarter have begun producing new products. And, they have pivoted to print PPE, as Markforged officials report that more than 530 of its customers have used their 3D printers to produce PPE during COVID-19, resulting in more than 5460 printed parts.

In fact, the pandemic may prove to be a tipping point in AM-technology adoption. After seeing the potential of 3D printing over the last several months, the survey reveals, 28 percent of respondents claim to use 3D printing more as compared to pre-pandemic, and 39 percent plan to make future investments in digital-manufacturing technologies.

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