3Diligent Expands ProdEx and Shopsight Digital-Manufacturing Applications

October 20, 2020

Digital-manufacturing-platform provider 3Diligent has announced updates to ProdEx, its manufacturing-as-a-service (MaaS) application, and Shopsight, its scalable shop-management application. ProdEx uses proprietary algorithms to assess Requests for Quote (RFQs) submitted by users and issues quotes or connects them with manufacturers worldwide. Shopsight provides users with access to project opportunities from ProdEx and enables remote assessment, quoting and project management. Both systems incorporate 3Diligent’s Connect interface, which enables customers and manufacturers to communicate directly using a secure online portal and Zoom videoconferencing tools.

New updates enable manufacturers to advertise within the Connect interface, with RFQ-driven ad serving allowing manufacturers to create text ads that will display based on a customer’s material and technology requirements. However, unlike traditional search engines, according to 3Diligent officials, Connect is driven by RFQ inputs rather than keywords, so manufacturers can expect higher ROI from Connect advertising. This level of customization also can assist ProdEx Connect users seeking qualified manufacturers for their product requirements. 

ProdEx and Shopsight also have been updated to include a Design Studio portal to help improve new-product development. Users can upload their design files and request a collection of design-for-manufacturing (DFM) studies to be run, thus enabling users to identify ways to improve their designs to accelerate manufacturing and reduce costs. Manufacturing processes included in the Design Studio portal span milling, turning, sheet metal bending and forming, and injection molding, with additional manufacturing processes to be added in the future. 

“3Diligent has introduced two major features to enhance the experience of those looking to get something manufactured through ProdEx or those doing the manufacturing in Shopsight,” says Cullen Hilkene, founder and chief executive officer of 3Diligent. “These enhancements will facilitate faster product development and more fruitful manufacturing connections. 3D metal printing service bureaus now are empowered to use the 3Diligent platform to drive their business forward more than ever before. With Connect advertising, they can present their offering in a targeted way exclusively for 3D-printing RFQs in the materials they offer, if they would like. Additionally, with the new Design Studio DFM tools, designers and bureaus can anticipate post-processing issues in the design stage, rather than incur the cost of an experimental and expensive post-processing attempt that doesn’t work out.”

ProdEx and Shopsight applications in a digital-manufacturing platform, strengthened by the new features, enable users to overcome roadblocks presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to 3Diligent officials.

ProdEx DFM studies and Shopsight Connect add-ons, are available at a discounted introductory rate. Also available, a free ProdEx account and a free Shopsight trial.
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