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October 20, 2015

Inventory is the lifeblood of a production facility and not properly managing it can result in under supply, resulting in production shortages, unfilled orders and unhappy customers – or oversupply – resulting in wasted capital sitting on the floor. With today’s dynamic pace of production and sensitivity to waste, it is critical to have timely and accurate inventory. With Plex Inventory Management, you know where all of your inventory is in real time throughout production with highresolution genealogy and traceability that provides accurate information about any inventory from the time raw material enters your facility to when finished goods ship out the door.

Real-time Track & Trace

Plex includes a fully integrated barcode printing and scanning system that gives you mistake-proof, real-time, precise location capture for receipt, movement, allocation, usage, production, inspection and shipment. Barcode scanning not only streamlines shipping and receiving but automatically captures incremental information at each point of production to enrich your database of knowledge about each unit of material.

High Resolution Traceability

The result of detailed tracking of inventory and its movements, is that Plex can deliver high-resolution traceability - an automatic, digital “paper-trail” - from the point of entry into your Plex system to ultimate delivery to your customer.Upstream and downstream genealogy enables future analysis down to very specific information about inventory (such as lot or heat data) should issues with quality arise – or worse, a recall.

End-to-End Inventory Accuracy

Inventory is one of the largest expenses for a production facility, so knowing the “truth” about what you have in-house can protect against line stoppages as well as reduce excess inventory - and the associated carrying costs. Accurate inventory visibility helps the finance department understand a more accurate point-in-time inventory valuation and can actually eliminate physical inventory counts.

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