Ten Warning Signs Your ERP System Is Killing Your Business

July 14, 2015


Why Does ERP Fall Short?

Most manufacturers look to their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to enhance the organization’s overall performance. In many cases, the original drivers that led to an ERP selection were the goals of streamlining and simplifying business processes for a sustainable competitive advantage.

In case after case, implementations miss their mark. Instead of delivering promised cost reductions, business agility and performance improvements, ERP systems create complexity, duplication of effort, and in the worst cases, poor quality and customer service, and a dangerous lack of visibility into the business.

Likewise, legacy ERP systems don’t keep pace with change. The manufacturing sector faces continually changing business processes, data, and requirements which make it nearly impossible for a typical, inflexible ERP system to keep pace with what the business really needs.

The Warning Signs

Check these ten warning signs to see if your ERP system is killing your business.

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