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Read How Tower Metalworking Fluids Safeguards Employee Health Without Compromising Performance or Productivity

September 8, 2023

Tower Metalworking Fluids recognizes that your employees are your greatest asset. In this new eBook, Tower divulges strategies for safeguarding your employees’ health while enhancing productivity and maintaining high-quality standards. Drawing upon 90 years of industry expertise, Tower is delighted to offer you valuable insights and purpose-built products to drive your business toward success. Discover the perfect solution tailored to your specific operational requirements, learn about Tower’s hazard-free SAFE-T-VANISH line for evaporative fluids designed for light metal forming, drawing, stamping, and roll forming applications, receive a FREE sample, and access a vibrant, complementary Tower poster to add a touch of flair to your shop!

Tower Metalworking Fluids


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