Maximize Efficiency and Productivity of Aluminum Hot Stamping

March 11, 2024

Competitive Output and Cost Savings with Schuler's FAST Technology

Lightweight materials continue to be in high demand for the automotive industry, and aluminum hot stamping has become a critical topic as a direct result. Schuler has been creating equipment solutions for aluminum lightweight materials since 1909! A team of qualified engineers developed Fast Light Alloys Stamping Technology (FAST) inside the laboratories at the Imperial College London. The new process has been verified, together with Schuler, in an industrial manufacturing environment. The result is a new innovation for aluminum hot forming that rivals the current industry process of Solution Heat Treatment (SHT).

FAST hot stamping lines are designed for ultimate efficiency and productivity. The lines do not require a furnace and are equipped with Multistation dies for heating, forming, and cooling applications. This webinar will address the key benefits metal formers can expect from FAST technology that drastically contrast against the limitations of SHT:

  • Volumetric efficiency
  • Elimination of entire post-forming processes
  • Energy savings of 80%
  • Press cycle time reduction of 10-16 seconds per part
  • Versatile applications specific to aluminum (hot forming and regular stamping)
  • Lower production times and operating costs

Learn how you can increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) with Schuler’s FAST hot stamping lines!

Speaker: Jens Aspacher, Sales Manager, Hot Stamping, Schuler Pressen GmbH

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