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July 24, 2019

Wednesday, July 24, 2019
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NASA video
NASA Technology Transfer Program Pushes the Envelope
NASA scientists discuss their efforts to develop next-generation materials with properties that do not yet exist, for space applications as well as here on Earth.

Heritage Global
Heritage Global Partners Presents Electrolux Auction
Electrolux auction happening July 31st & August 1st
featuring quality machine tools & roll forming equipment excess to needs of Electrolux, a world leading appliance manufacturer.
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Apollo 10 cover

Looking Back: Up Close at Apollo 10 Launch
With the world reflecting on the incredible Apollo 11 moon landing 50 years ago this month, we looked back to the July 1969 issue of our predecessor publication, Metal Stamping, which detailed a trip to see the launch of Apollo 10. Referred to as an F mission, or dress rehearsal for the moon landing, Apollo 10 lifted off in May of 1969.

"Only such a personal observation can provide a true appreciation for the awesomeness of man's accomplishment in space," wrote Jefferson Keith, Metal Stamping's editor and the American Metal Stamping Association's (AMSA) managing director. "Even after sitting through the deafening roar, the earth shaking takeoff and the momentary flash of heat from the blast off, belief is still difficult."

Hot Stamping Getting Hotter, as Coming Conference and Tour Will Show
Within the past decade, hot stamping has gained a foothold in North America, as more and more automotive OEMs and their Tier suppliers adopt the technology. To help metal formers and fabricators stay on top of the technology, MetalForming magazine debuts its Hot Stamping Experience and Tech Tour, September 17 in Michigan. Some event presenters and representatives of hot stamping equipment provide an inside look at the current state of the technology and where it's headed.

Recognizing automotive as a hot stamping driver, "In the past 20 years, the percentage of hot stamped parts in body-in-white have increased from 2-5 percent to 30 percent," says Eren Billur, technical manager at Billur Metal Form Ltd. in Turkey and an event keynote speaker. "That includes the Ford Focus. I mention this because the Focus, as a compact car, previously would not have been considered to have such a high ratio, which had been confined to luxury SUVs and the like. Today, hot stamped parts reach into vehicles of all classes."

Branford Group
Upcoming Auction: Major Auto Stamping Facility–Over 500 Lots Available!
The Branford Group has partnered with Dura Automotive to auction surplus assets of its Stockton, IL, facility. Online bidding opens August 12, 2019, at 9 a.m. (CDT). Featured items include SSDC Presses by Minster, Servo Feed Lines, Tishken Rollform Lines, Robotic Welders and more.

Business Conditions
Metal Formers Continue to Perform Well, yet Remain Concerned
While business remains steady, metal forming companies remain concerned about near-term conditions, according to the July 2019 Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) Business Conditions Report.

The monthly report, a sampling of 111 metal forming companies in the United States and Canada, shows that 60 percent of respondents expect no change (compared to last month's 59 percent). Meanwhile, only 16 percent predict an improvement in economic activity during the next three months (down from last month's 20 percent), and 24 percent anticipate a decline in activity (up from last month's 21 percent).

"PMA's monthly Business Conditions report shows that metal forming manufacturers are continuing to perform well, but are concerned about business activity going into the second half of the year," says PMA President David Klotz.

Report: Automotive Aluminum Market Poised to Surpass $62 Billion by 2026
The Automotive Aluminum Market report by Acumen Research and Consulting forecasts the value of the fast-growing automotive aluminum market to surpass $62 billion over the next seven years.

Learn How to Eliminate Over-Application of Costly Lubricants
Precision Spray Control technology, from Spraying Systems Co., ensures the proper volume of lubricant is applied, even when line/press speeds or dies change. Precision application eliminates waste of costly lubricants and quality problems caused by inconsistent coverage. Maintenance downtime due to oil mist is eliminated, worker safety is improved and operating costs are decreased.
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Goldman Sachs Questions Emphasis on Manufacturing
Daan Struyven, an analyst at Goldman Sachs, cautions against the over-emphasis of manufacturing when measuring the U.S. economy, as it only makes up 10 percent of GDP.

"The over-representation of manufacturing in the official statistics reflects its previous dominant role in the economy, combined with the tendency for statistical systems and methods to change only slowly," he wrote in a note dated July 19. "We warn against putting excessive weight on ups and downs in manufacturing data."

Mexico Metalforming Technology Conference
Helping metal formers leverage growth in the Mexican market, this info-packed event takes place August 21-22 at the Grand Fiesta Americana Queretaro, Mexico. Session topics include maintenance practices and procedures for the pressroom; safety guidelines for pressroom personnel; servo-press technology; quick-die-change technology and procedures; and best practices for transfer-system design, operation and maintenance. The sessions, conducted in Spanish, benefit company executives as well as for engineers, technicians and operators.

Heyco Metals
Since 1969, Heyco Metals has rolled out high-precision, light-gauge coil and strip. Now celebrating its 50th anniversary, the company excels in copper, copper alloys and stainless steel as it continues a proven commitment to pristine surface quality, short lead times, exact specifications and unparalleled value for customers.

Automotive Surpasses Mexico's Food Industry, Becoming Nation's Biggest GDP Contributor
Last year, the automotive sector overtook the food-processing industry for the first time to become Mexico's biggest contributor to manufacturing GDP. Automotive contributed nearly 20.7 percent of manufacturing GDP, a 7.7-percent increase compared to 2010, while the food sector's 20.3-percent contribution represented a 2.3-percent drop for the same period.

Plan Now: Conference Explores Additive Manufacturing
As more metal formers and fabricators test the waters, with some going all-in on additive manufacturing (AM) for metal and nonmetal part, tool and workholding applications, MetalForming's sister publication, 3D Metal Printing magazine, offers info-packed conferences exploring metal AM and its capabilities. Next up: 3D Metal Printing Experience and Tech Tour, August 6-7 in Novi, MI. This event enables attendees to interact with industry experts, learn about the latest technology developments and hear case-study applications. They also will participate in exclusive plant tours of Ford's Advanced Manufacturing Center and Linear AMS, witnessing metal 3D printing machines in action.

Hot Off the Press

SOUTHTEC Reflects Southeast Manufacturing
Collaborate with leading manufacturing experts at SOUTHTEC, at the epicenter of Southeast manufacturing. Find ideas for new products and the latest technology to build them. Connect with like-minded professionals who can help your business thrive. Experience the power of Southeast manufacturing by attending SOUTHTEC!
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July 2019
July 2019
Market Report: Aerospace
The $838 billion global aerospace represents great opportunities for metal formers and fabricators. You might say the sky's the limit.

Where Plasma Makes the Cut
High-precision plasma cutting technology often doesn't get the attention of its laser and waterjet cutting compatriots, but it has its usage sweet spots.

Upcoming Issues
August: Hot Stamping, Servo Technology, Tool Steel, Laser Cutting, Folding/Bending Technology, Arc Welding, Safety Update, Hot Stamping Experience
September: Hydraulic Presses, Press Feeds, Surface Preparation, CAD-CAM/Nesting Software, Resistance Welding, Materials & Coatings, Additive Manufacturing, Market Report: Energy, Servo Technology Experience
October: FABTECH Show Issue, Quick Die Change, Automated Storage, Loading and Unloading, Arc Welding, Software for Manufacturing, IoT

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