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MetalForming Delivers American Stamping Press

Tuesday, October 14, 2014
MF Delivers American Staming Press

American Stamping Press is a new distributor for Heim and Rouselle presses.

Representing the Midwest.


Half inch rated automotive class press ranging
from 200 to 1000 ton

Available in one, two and four point eccentric gear drive configurations, the Heim Maxi-Stamper represents the cutting edge of press engineering and design. This press will help contribute to the growth of your company by providing consistent quality part production for many years to come.

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Maxi-Stamper II™
Gap Frame presses ranging from 90 to 300 tons

Designed to state-of-the-art specifications, Maxi-Stamper II offers you exceptional accuracy and performance. This fabricated steel power press is the result of over 60 years of engineering and press building experience. It's packed with valued standard features such as 8 point gibbing, gears running in oil, hydraulic overload and variable speed drive.


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Maxi-Stamper II

For press sales, call 708 243 9267 or email

John Heim


John Heim e-mail 708-243-9267 708-234-9267


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