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MetalForming Delivers Epicor

Thursday, February 20, 2014
MetalForming Delivers Epicor
Discover Epicor ERP Solutions

Don't miss this interactive video that demonstrates how Epicor Express inspires Chirch Global Manufacturing.

You'll hear Tony Chirchirillo, CEO of Chirch Global Manufacturing, and Mike Chirchirillo, Operations Manager, discuss how Epicor Express helped their organization overcome common operational barriers and stumbling blocks.

The highlights of Chirchirillo's presentation are his three Epicor game-changers:

  • How the cloud-based nature of Epicor Express allows Chirch Global to be untethered to a physical location - so that they focus on customers as opposed to IT needs.
  • How Epicor Express expands and keeps pace with corporate growth, freeing them from worrying if their information system can keep up the pace.
  • How Epicor Express allows Chirch Global, as a small to mid-sized manufacturer, to stay ahead of the technological curve at all times through Epicor cloud-deployed upgrades and 24/7 support.

"Epicor Express gives us a competitive edge because we are basically an extension of our customers. We are able to react to our customers' needs and give them feedback, real time without any delay." - Mike Chirchirillo, Operations Manager.

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