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Do you run a Fabricator? Download 'the top 5 factors impacting your business'

Thursday, January 30, 2014
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Download our latest brief on the top-five factors most impacting the ROI of your business
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The pace of business in the metals industry is returning to levels not seen since 2007/2008. Yet if you are a Fabricator, optimizing your business likely seems more challenging than ever before.
What are the top factors most impacting the ROI of your business today? How can you aggressively scale output, despite challenges such as an aging pool of skilled operators, increasing costs and raised expectations from customers for quick turnarounds?
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Check out our exclusive brief, The Top Five Operating Challenges Facing Fabricators' Metal Cutting Operations, for some thought-provoking ideas about where to focus and how to drive performance in this environment.
A sample of the key issues we cover in this brief include:
Process and Workflow Bottlenecks
Resource Allocation and Efficiency
Training and Maintaining Talent
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The LENOX Institute of Technology Team
A metals industry research and 'best practices' initiative of LENOX
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