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Thursday, October 31, 2013
MetalForming Delivers PHD

Clamp Division logoPHD Clamp Division – Solutions to Save

Providing superior part holding and
transferring for your assembly
and welding environments.

Weld slag slowing you down?

Applications prone to weld slag due to harsh environments could be a ticking time bomb. Weld slag can cause additional overhead expenses, lost or reallocated manpower, and production downtime.

The PHD Series PLK Pin Locating Clamp design has a completely enclosed finger and pin that minimizes the ingression of contamination. In addition to the virtually contamination-free design, PLK Clamps come standard with an internal lock that holds the part in place during pressure loss or an E-stop.

See our entire line of PHD Clamps to start reducing expenses associated with carrying inventory and costly downtime.

PLK Clamps

Why PHD Clamps?PHD logo

  • Robust designs provide longer life over other actuators
  • Maintain repeatability over life providing superior performance and increased productivity by reducing downtime and scrap
  • Field repairable and lowest cost of ownership
  • Superior delivery – 24 hours from receipt of order

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