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Tuesday, October 29, 2013
MF Delivers

Superior Die Set introduces the PowerMax® cam unit, the first cam unit specifically designed for use when stamping high strength steel. The PowerMax® cam incorporates a positive ‘active’ return system that delivers a stripping force up to 10% of press force. These units also feature a small yet sturdy design that uses less die space in comparison to other cams of similar power.

PowerMax® cams are available in aerial or die mount types. Between the available models, the PowerMax® cam program covers a variety of standard sizes and standard cam angles. In addition, custom cam angles can be produced upon request. All versions also include sintered wear-plates that are shouldered in all directions, ideal for high-volume stamping applications. Optionally an easily-removable punch mounting plate can be provided. The punch mounting plate or casting can also be provided as machined complete for punch or blade mounting according to a customer’s specifications.

Manufactured by Strack® Normalien in Germany, the PowerMax® cam is exclusively distributed in North America by Superior Die Set Corporation. For further information including 3D models, visit our website at

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