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Business Guide: 5 Steps to Your Dream Job Shop, compliments of Exact JobBOSS

Thursday, June 20, 2013
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5 Steps to Your Dream Job Shop
America's manufacturing landscape has changed drastically, with major shifts occurring even within the last five or ten years. As a small- to mid-sized job shop owner or employee, you've probably noticed some of these changes. This complementary Business Guide from Exact JobBoss shares five tried and true fundamentals to building your dream job shop.

You will learn:
  1. How to understand your current business state and (re)evaluate its core competencies
  2. How to maintain your business agility
  3. How to focus on (re)building long-lasting customer and supplier relationships
  4. How to improve efficiencies from the front office to the shop floor
  5. How to collaborate and network with your business peers


About Exact JobBoss Shop Management Software
Built for manufacturing job shops and contract manufacturers, JobBOSS Shop Management Software is designed to increase efficiency and productivity from the office through the shop floor. Learn how Exact JobBoss can help you streamline your shop processes by:
  • Quoting new parts quickly
  • Entering orders efficiently
  • Scheduling the shop realistically
  • Managing stock or direct buy material
  • Tracking labor in real time
  • Shipping and invoicing orders
  • Costing the job to measure its profit or loss

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