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Tuesday, May 14, 2013
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Living ERP

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Scary ERPThe Curse of Zombie ERP

The undead have taken over your business. It’s the deadly curse of on-premise, zombie ERP. These systems are slow, rigid and incapable of change. In today’s fast-paced manufacturing world, this is a death sentence. But there is hope: ERP from the Plex Manufacturing Cloud is alive, constantly adapting to meet your ever-changing business needs. Learn how you can get the undead out of manufacturing for good.

Watch the movie if you dare...

Warning SignsTen Warning Signs Your ERP is Killing Your Business

Is your ERP manufacturing-ready or is it slowly sucking the life out of your business? Can it keep up and adapt to the constantly changing environment that has become the new normal in today’s manufacturing world? This white paper uncovers ten warning signs that your ERP is killing your business.

Download the white paper to learn more.

MetalformingManufacturing-Ready ERP for Metalformers

Precision metalformers like you have a lot to deal with: detailed customer specifications, complex operations and huge capital investments in equipment. ERP from the Plex Manufacturing Cloud is built to fit your business just right with the capacity to handle growth. We put the plant floor and your need for a collaborative supply chain at the heart of our solution, because critical processes like quality and inventory management are the heartbeat of your business.

Learn more about the Plex Manufacturing Cloud for metalformers!

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