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Tuesday, February 26, 2013
MetalForming Delivers Unist

Unist has been manufacturing precision lubrication application systems since 1957. The environmentally friendly Unist product line is built around the concept of applying lubrication in a precise manner which results in reduced fluid consumption, a cleaner work area, and increased profits. Phone number
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Metal Formers

Gain Total Control
Of Your Forming Fluids

With the Unist SPR-2000™
Programmable Fluid Controller!

Controller for stock lubrication

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  • User-Friendly Control
  • Program and recall the correct fluid application for up to 250 different die sets or jobs
  • Access code prevents operators from changing pre-programmed lubrication settings
  • Press control interface option automatically changes lubrication settings when a new job is selected
  • Alarm monitoring of critical parameters such as fluid level, pressure, and flow
  Proper fluid application is often overlooked by metal formers and can have significant impact on profit. We've seen a multitude of imprecise fluid application methods: from fluid applied with clamped-on paintbrushes, to blanks hand-dipped in vats and, more typically, messy spray nozzles. The problem with these types of methods is that they're imprecise and don't guarantee consistent fluid coverage . . . not to mention the mess they can make out of equipment and floors!

At Unist, we've been in the business of fluid delivery since 1957 and we offer systems for metal forming which apply a consistent, controlled amount of fluid neatly to one or both sides of your blank, coil, or sheet stock.

The 'Brains' behind our systems is our SPR-2000™ programmable fluid controller. It gives metal formers tight control over fluid application with stored setups for up to 250 different jobs and monitoring of critical parameters like fluid level, pressure, and flow. The SPR-2000™ comes with up to 22 outputs to drive multiple Unist applicators (see below).
Before and After

  • Reduce lubricant consumption by 50% or more
  • Improve part quality
  • Increase production rates
  • Reduce fluid management concerns
  • Improve die life
  • Decrease part cleaning
  • Cleaner floors and work area


Unist Output Options:
spr output options
Uni-Roller® Type S
Lubricate Coil Stock Evenly & Consistently

The Uni-Roller® Type S roller application systems are designed for consistent application of metal forming lubricant on coil stock. Based on our patented internally fed roller concept, these systems are capable of evenly applying a broad range of fluids in nearly any quantity desired.

Uni-Roller Type S

  • Durable aluminum and steel frame designed for harsh manufacturing environments
  • Lubricates one or both sides of stock up to 0.25" (6 mm) thick
  • Internally supplied rollers

  • Adjustable roller pressure
  • Simple pivoted stock loading system
  • Available in widths from 3-100" (76-2540 mm)

Powered Uni-Roller

Powered Uni-Roller®
Precision Lubrication for Blanks & Sheet Stock

Powered Uni-Roller® application systems were designed specifically to evenly lubricate both sides of blanks or sheet stock. Standard systems incorporate the proven internally fed rollers and are available to coat blanks up to 70" (1778 mm) wide. Powered by a variable speed gear motor, systems are available in either direct drive or belt drive configurations, depending on size.

  • Durable aluminum and steel frame
  • Internally supplied rollers
  • Proven Uni-Roller® design
  • Speeds up to 200 ft/min (60 m/min)
  • Custom designed carts & systems available

Lubrication Performance for Thin and Narrow Coil

Unist Mini-Roller™ systems are designed specifically for coating thin and narrow coils. Available in both horizontal and vertical configurations in widths up to 4" (102 mm), the Mini-Roller™ uses 1.5" (38 mm) diameter rolls and a simple spring roller pressure arrangement in order to fit in confined spaces.

  • Perfect for thin and narrow coil stock up to 0.080" (2mm) thick
  • Horizontal or vertical configurations
  • Proven internally supplied roller design in a compact package
  • Available in four sizes ranging from 1-4" (25-102 mm) wide
  • Ideal for small, high-speed presses or fourslide applications

LV Nozzle

LV Nozzle
Precise, Controlled Spray with No Drips

For precise control of lubrication spray, the Unist Low Volume Spray Nozzle delivers with a consistent and controlled spray pattern. An integral valve at the nozzle tip ensures a crisp actuation, and the air and fluid volumes are controlled by independent needle valves which allow fine tuning of the spray output. With its compact size and various mounting options, the LV Nozzle is ideal for applying lubricant to critical die areas.

  • Finely-tuned lubricant spray
  • Available with conical or fan spray tip
  • Independent precision needle valve adjustments
  • Actuated at nozzle tip (no dripping, no lag)
  • Many mounting options available
  • Aluminum & stainless construction

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