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New September Article -- Quick Die Change Strategy and more from PFA, Inc.

Monday, September 19, 2016
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Dear Quick Die Change Enthusiast,

Quick Die Change (QDC) is easy to implement and produces immediate savings in setup time and increased press up time.  Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) is the mantra and we want to help you achieve greater profitability through an investment in QDC with a quick Return on Investment (ROI) and a resulting long term cost reduction.

Check out the NEW METALFORMING ISSUE (SEPTEMBER) ARTICLE “Quick-Die-Change Strategy – Q&A with an Expert”, where Brad Kuvin interviews PFA Sales Manager Chris Klimowicz to get some tips on strategy.  Select the whitepaper “Quick Die Change in 8 Easy Steps” to get started immediately on your planning.  Dive into an article describing SMED implementation “Trio of New Presses Gets SMED Upgrades” for some further background, or see some QDC components in the latest PFA catalog - Pneumatic Die Lifters, Portable Hand Operated Die Lifters, or other unique PFA products for QDC.  Call us today and we’ll get you the support you need to take you through the process.

PFA is here to help you with Quick Die Change every step of the way.  CLICK NOW to get started down the path to QDC success!

PFA, Inc.

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