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Meet Universal Robots at FABTECH and see how they deliver 34 day ROI

Tuesday, September 13, 2016
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It's a paradigm shift in the way robots are viewed."

These are the words of Stewart McMillan, CEO of Task Force Tips, a manufacturer of fire nozzles
in Indiana, as he installed three Universal Robots. He witnessed how his machinist quickly
developed a vision-guided application working in tandem with UR robots. He saw product quality
"go to a whole other level" while the company increased output and reallocated employees to more rewarding tasks. Bottom line: ROI of just 34 days.

As the pioneer of collaborative robots, we want to bring this experience to all manufacturers still
regarding robotics as costly and complex. That's why we are now launching Universal Robots+,
an online showroom of verified application solutions (grippers, software, accessories, and other
peripherals) enabling you to hit the ground running when installing your next application. Come
watch the solutions in action at our FABTECH booth N1804 and register here with the promo
code "FBGUEST" to get your free expo pass to the show courtesy of Universal Robots.

Best regards,

Douglas Peterson

General Manager, Americas Division
Universal Robots


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