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Electropolishing of Stainless Steel

Thursday, June 23, 2016
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MetalForming Delivers Master Finish
For those who need decorative chrome
on stainless-steel products…

Electropolishing stainless steelMost decorative nickel-chrome plating requires preplate polishing and buffing of your stainless-steel product to smooth out surface imperfections. Then, several layers of nickel may be plated onto your product followed by a thin deposit of decorative chromium.

Our automated electropolish and chrome-flash plating system can reduce preplate polishing and buffing and eliminate all nickel plating, giving you the same bright chrome appearance—

…An attractive finish at an attractive price!
Let us show you the advantages of this process on your product!
Master Finish Video

See our 67-second video to learn more.
Electropolishing & Chrome-Flash Plating of Stainless Steel

Our line includes all of the following…

  • Hot caustic-soak cleaner
  • Deoxidizer/cleaner to remove weld scale
  • Bright electropolish
  • Chrome-flash plating
  • Compliance to OEM automotive specifications CQI-11, ISO 9001,
    ISO 14001

Providing these advantages…

  • Reduced preplate polish/buff
  • Eliminates nickel plating
  • Automated line delivers precise, consistent, efficient process results
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