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MetalForming Delivers IQMS

Thursday, February 11, 2016
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MetalForming Delivers IQMS
Video: Simplifying Production Scheduling
Learn how Drag & Drop scheduling can simply your the scheduling of your plant floor

Scheduling production requires complete synchronization of your manufacturing operations. And at any time there are a number of variables that can throw a wrench into the schedule and cause a cascading effect of problems throughout the plant floor. The IQMS visual scheduling module provides a color-coded graphical view of your entire manufacturing production schedule that will help you prevent an avalanche of problems and help you quickly answer:

  • What's on the docket to run
  • Where are the problems
  • How can we quickly identify where to put our efforts

The "Drag & Drop" Scheduling function allows for complete interactivity when it comes to scheduling work orders, allowing for instant re-allocation of variables that can impact your production flow. Watch this short introductory video to learn how "Drag & Drop" Scheduling can help simplify the scheduling process and allow you to react instantly to changes in demand.

Watch this short video now.e


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