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MetalForming Delivers Plex Systems: FABTECH 2015

Tuesday, November 3, 2015
Plex Systems
MetalForming Delivers Plex
Plex: The Manufacturing Cloud

If you’re headed to next week’s FABTECH show in Chicago, PLEX cordially invites you to discover how the power of the cloud is revolutionizing manufacturing – through connected ERP and wearable technologies on the shop floor.

Demonstrations of the PLEX Manufacturing Cloud will be taking place all day at booth 4107, so be sure to stop in and learn how true cloud ERP could make costly hardware and disruptive upgrades ancient history.

What’s more, we’ll enter you to win an Apple Watch – a prize tied to our complementary presentation, “Wearable Technology on the Shop Floor: A Look at Present and Future Applications.” Taking place Wednesday, November 11th at 4pm at the FABTECH Theater in the Grand Concourse and including beer and refreshments, this session will demonstrate how the cloud, internet of things, mobility and wearable technology are paving the way for manufacturing’s future.

For More Information about Cloud ERP, Plex and software selection ahead of the show, explore the following resources:

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