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MetalForming Delivers Plex

Thursday, September 17, 2015
Plex Systems
MetalForming Delivers Plex
Plex: The Manufacturing Cloud

Today's manufacturers, in order to keep pace with next-generation technology, might consider replacing their current ERP solution. The question they need to ask themselves is, "If I were to select a solution today, which deployment option is right for my business?"

Just a few years ago those that would consider cloud ERP solutions were in the minority, and almost all would consider moving forward with a traditional on-premise system.

This is no longer the case. Learn why cloud is on the rise.

View and share this new, informative e-book that covers:

  • The history of ERP software and the rise of the cloud
  • The latest analyst research on Cloud ERP adoption
  • Two video case studies
  • A link to PMA's upcoming 9/24 webinar, "Cloud Changes the Game, SaaS Transforms It," featuring Michael Trathen, Senior Manager of Lean Systems, American Axle & Manufacturing

View the E-Book Now.

For more information on the Plex Manufacturing Cloud, and how it can help your organization become a world-class quality leader, visit

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