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Complimentary Video & Report: "End-To-End Quality Management in Discrete Manufacturing"

Tuesday, August 11, 2015
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Manufacturers know it’s a challenge to maintain quality. Keeping customers satisfied while keeping production costs low is the eternal conflict. Lower grade materials or non-compliant processes used by manufacturers or their suppliers can result in lost customers and irreparably damaged reputations.

Watch this brief video, presented by Aberdeen Group, to learn how best-in-class discrete manufacturers address quality management within their organizations. To explore the topic more in depth, download the accompanying complimentary 17-page report based on the input of more than 200 quality leaders.

Report highlights include:

  • How quality leaders manage interactions with suppliers
  • What top manufacturers identified as the top reason for improving quality performance
  • How a unified software solution incorporating QMS, ERP and MES synchronizes and ingrains quality across the enterprise

Download the Report Today >>

For more information on the Plex Manufacturing Cloud, and how it can help your organization become a world-class quality leader, visit

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