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GALM Detroit To Unveil Composite, Joining And Multi-Material Innovation

Thursday, June 25, 2015
MetalForming Delivers

August 18-20 | Detroit | USA 

11th Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Congress

Join Ford, Nissan, Chrysler, GM, Lotus, Honda Partnership Program

& Plasan At Extended 3-Day Event…

Now attended by 1500+ attendees across the globe, the leading GALM series is returning to Detroit with a 3-day agenda – to share unprecedented detail across composites, joining, forming and multi-material design

Building on the successes of GALM events in London, Detroit and Shanghai this year, this event is fully expected to sell-out, with over 80 attendees and 24 exhibitors already confirmed.

With an agenda re-written from scratch and providing a globally respected platform for leading OEMs, material suppliers, joining and forming partners, the 2015 agenda provides new, exclusive content including:


8 DEDICATED SESSIONS ON COMPOSITES: From reducing the costs and cycle times of production to design modeling and application success stories


9 UNIQUE CASE STUDIES ON JOINING: Mitigating corrosion with strong joining for every material combination that can be applied with low cycle times


FORMING METALS: Benchmarking forming methods for magnesium and aluminum to enable adoption into multi-material architectures


DESIGN AND MATERIAL SELECTION: Selecting the optimal materials across the body, interior and closures to maximize total weight loss across the vehicle


RECYCLING: Analyzing the lifecycle implications for aluminum and carbon-fiber, tackling segmentation and re-use challenges


Examine the inner design of the most successful vehicle architectures of the last 12 months. These vehicles are flying off the forecourt, but we have their body-in-white’s at GALM 2015 Detroit:

  • Tesla Model S
  • Ford F-150
  • 2014 Range Rover Sport
  • Lotus Evora (Full vehicle)


Following the successful roll-out of the OEM-rate and record attendance at GALM Detroit 2015, attendees can look forward to networking with a record number of OEM decision makers across 10 hours of exclusive networking opportunities.

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Vehicle Manufacturers Will Gain A Complimentary Pass If They Register For GALM Intelligence For 12 Months Here

Vehicle Manufacturer places are limited, it is strongly recommended you register early

Expert Panel Of Speakers at GALM 2015 Detroit includes:

  • David Wagner, Technical Leader Lightweight Vehicle Design, Ford
  • Surender Maddela, Sr. Research & Development Engineer, Materials Engineering, Nissan Motor Corporation
  • Stephen Logan, Senior Engineering Specialist, Chrysler Group LLC
  • Bhavesh Shah, Senior Advanced Technology Design Release Engineer, General Motors
  • Nir Khan, Director Of Design, Plasan
  • Mark Voss, Engineering Group Manager, Body Advanced Technical Works, General Motors
  • Dr Venkat Aitharaju, Senior Researcher, Polymer Composites, General Motors Global Research and Development
  • Gregg Peterson, Senior Technical Specialist, Lotus Engineering
  • Raymond Boeman, Program Director, Energy Partnerships, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Laurent Chappuis, Technical Expert - Lightweight Stampings, Vehicle Program Engineering – SBU, Ford
  • Glenn Daehn, Mars G. Fontana Professor Of Metallurgical Engineering, Executive Director, Honda Partnership Program

Unable To Attend The Event In Person? Access Live Streaming

Live streaming gives you to access the conference from your own home or work place - meaning convenience for you, and saving on travel and accommodation costs.

The Live Streaming Package Includes:
Live streaming of the conference, live Q&A participation and the copy of the post event media package.

The Post Event Media Package Includes:
Full video coverage (including Q& A and Panel Sessions), downloadable audio recordings and PowerPoint presentations from the 2 Day Conference.

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