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Successful Manufacturers Solve Collaboration Challenges

Tuesday, June 16, 2015
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Solve Collaboration Challenges with Social ERP
Would you like to unlock your organization’s potential?

Modern ERP systems are embracing the concept of ‘social ERP’—that is, ERP interfaces built using concepts borrowed from social media to create truly collaborative workplaces. An ERP solution that facilitates the ways businesses collaborate internally and externally enables you to leverage the knowledge and experience of the people and systems connected across your supply and value networks.

Epicor invites you to learn more about how and why collaboration is becoming an essential element of successful manufacturers. We invite you to:

View Collaboration Inspires Better Business video, featuring Ray Wang of Constellation Research Download complimentary Improve Collaboration and Drive Business Growth infographic from The Aberdeen Group Download complimentary The Business Benefits of Social ERP eBook from Epicor Software

By enabling employees from all areas of your organization to collaborate, you can increase the level of innovation you see in your organization.

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