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Introducing a Newer More Versatile Coolant

Tuesday, February 17, 2015
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QUAKERCOOL® 3511 BF – More Applications, Better Results


QUAKERCOOL® 3511 BF is a boron-free semi-synthetic metalworking fluid designed for ferrous machining and grinding operations requiring a high degree of lubricity, cleanliness, bio-resistance, corrosion protection.

QUAKERCOOL® 3511 BF was developed to improve performance and cleanliness and reduce consumption in engine machining operations at a major American automobile manufacturer. In addition to the success in large OEM systems, 3511 BF is being rapidly adopted by shops looking for coolants that can be used for many different projects and operations. While providing industry leading performance on cast/ductile iron, QUAKERCOOL® 3511 BF is also a suitable coolant for machining and grinding of all ferrous alloys including carbon, alloy, and stainless steels. The boron-free amine technology utilized for biostability and corrosion protection allows this coolant to minimize the risk of operator irritation while providing temporary rust prevention down to 3%. With excellent surface-finish results coupled with lowered consumption rates from misting and drag out, QUAKERCOOL 3511® BF is helping users consolidate multiple fluid demands into one lower maintenance coolant while not sacrificing performance.

Operational Success

QUAKERCOOL® 3511 BF has successfully reduced applied costs and showed operational improvement in many difficult machining operations including the following:

• Turning and milling off high alloy steel rollers for primary metals industry

• Central systems at multiple engine lines in domestic auto production at OEM and tier 1 levels

• Blanchard grinding and drilling of specialty stainless tool steel for die casting industry

• Milling, drilling, & thread tapping of ductile iron turbo housings

• Sawing of alloyed steel for nuclear power industry

Product Benefits

Highlights of this Formulation are:

• Reduces cost per circulating gallon

• Increased detergency, fines handling, and corrosion protection of machine tools

• No chlorine, sulfur, boron, or phenolic compounds

• Reduced misting and operator exposure due to lower oil content

• Excellent corrosion resistance on ferrous alloys

• Bio-resistant technology formulated to maximize operator safety and acceptance

Customer Feedback

"Product did very well, all tools maintained life but machine cleanliness is much improved"

"No problems at all with deep drilling, threading and no bad smell"

"Parts come out a lot cleaner than they used to. It’s a lot easier on our wash system"

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