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Tuesday, October 28, 2014
MetalForming Delivers Interlaken
Advanced Forming Systems
Interlaken Technology • Advanced Forming Systems and Service

Interlaken Technology manufactures production press equipment for hydroforming, elevated temperature forming, and hot stamping systems. The systems are computer controlled hydraulic press systems with data acquisition.

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Ask The Experts - Interlaken Technology

Hydro DieHydroformed parts are stronger and weigh less due to structural integrity and fewer welds or add-on pieces. Using fewer welds helps to reduce vibration and noise in motorized vehicles (autos, motorcycles, aircraft, etc). In addition, costs are reduced and time is saved by eliminating secondary operations, reducing scrap, lowering material and manufacturing costs, and increasing design flexibility. With superior control over forces and motions, Interlaken's Hydroforming Press provides a greater overall quality of formed parts.

Warm Forming
Ask The Experts - Interlaken Technology

Warm FormerInterlaken's Warm Forming Press Systems allow for tighter formed radii, better elongation and deep draws that cannot be achieved at room temperature. In some cases, aluminum elongations can be more than 100%.

Using warm forming, much larger parts can be formed on a smaller system due to the lower forming pressures required, making warm forming a cost-effective production method. Furthermore, Interlaken's Warm Forming Press has a small footprint and fits well into a workcell environment.

Hot Stamping Systems
Ask The Experts - Interlaken Technology

Hot StamperInterlaken's Hot Stamping Press provides the flexibility and advantage of utilizing the much sought-after high strength materials without the worry of springback often found in these high-strength steels. Interlaken's extensive research and production system expertise has put them on the leading edge in hot stamping system technology.

Simulation and Prototyping
Services from Interlaken


Interlaken provides services for Hydroforming/Warm Forming Development, Prototyping and Production. Full service hydroforming/metal forming support includes simulations, tool design, prototyping and production. A number of experienced hydroforming and warm forming engineers are on-hand to assist customers with all steps of the process.

These steps include: Concept Consulting, Product Design, Materials Selection, Part Conversion to hydroforming/warm forming from other processes, FEA Simulation,Tooling Design - Prototyping and Development predictions of the simulation.

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