What's Coming as Millennials Assume Management Positions?

January 8, 2020

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What’s Coming as Millennials Assume Management Positions?
Millennials, having already become the largest generation in the manufacturing workforce, are poised to rapidly take over management positions. What does that mean for the manufacturing industry? A huge focus on connectivity and new technology, according to Forbes, which identified emerging trends in a recent article.

“Ubiquitous, instant connectivity and real-time collaboration,” reads the article, identifying the top trend. “This is the first generation to enter the workplace with a better understanding of new technology as business tools than older, more senior employees. They will want the same connected experience they have in their personal lives in the workplace and will expect the ability to be digitally connected with their teams quickly via different formats.”

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Weber PT Compact Deburring Machine
Weber's compact model for deburring, descaling and surface grinding with a dry grinding procedure. Particularly compact and space saving dimensions with the technology of large industrial machines. Simplified operating structure with Weber's “i‐Touch” operating panel and easy accessibility for maintenance. Available in operating widths of 1100 and 1350 mm with 1 to 2 grinding stations, and Weber’s Planetary Head for all‐round edge machining across the entire width. The PT compact guarantees perfect grinding results and meets even the most stringent craftsmanship demands.

The Importance of Lube-Use Data in Metal Forming Applications—One of Many Lube-Conference Takeaways
“While typical lubricant users know what their price per gallon is,” Jeff Jeffery, CEO of Irmco, tells MetalForming, “and most likely how many gallons they use in a month, they don’t know what they use per stroke of the press. They also may not be able to track how much lubricant they use per spray nozzle. How about per shift or per operator? What if a line breaks and pumps lubricant into the pit, when do they find out? After an hour, or at the end of the shift? How much is wasted before it’s fixed?”

Jeffery will detail why such data are important in his presentation, Using Industry 4.0 Technology to Track and Measure Stamping Lubricant Use, at MetalForming’s Lubrication Technology for Metal Formers and Die Shops, February 12-13 in Novi, MI. Hurry, as time is running out to secure your spot at this must-attend event, which will help attendees better determine which lubricant choice is best for the tasks at hand, and how to ensure optimal performance while minimizing waste.

“Just one extra drip per second,” Jeffery continues, “equates to 28,800 drips per shift or about 500 gallons per year. At a 4:1 mix, that’s a little over three drums per year of concentrate wasted. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that ahead of time? In real time? My presentation will emphasize that information is your friend—embrace it.”

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Dexco: The Strongest, Safest, Most Durable Racking Solutions on the Market
Dexco Coil racks create vertical storage capacity for metal stampers, formers and fabricators to improve plant safety and increase product selectivity. High strength shelves and custom cradles safely store coils exceeding 80,000 lbs. Optimize your operations by maximizing floor space, reducing material damage, and increasing through-put with Dexco racks.

LISTEN: How Workforce Issues Are Impacting Manufacturing
…via the Manufacturing Tomorrow’s Workforce podcast. It features discussions with experts in various fields that are using new techniques and approaches to enact change in their plants and attract up-and-coming workers to overcome the skills gap. Recent episodes include Championing Diversity & Inclusion in Manufacturing, How to Get Your Team to Buy Into Change, and Supporting STEM, Inspiring Future Engineers.

Reflect on Past Successes and Struggles to Help Navigate the New Year
“As we turn the page on 2019 and usher in a new decade, why not take some time to reflect on last year’s successes, and struggles? Because, prolonged success comes from not only enjoying good fortune, but also from analyzing failures and making timely and effective adjustments.”

So writes Brad Kuvin, publisher and editorial director of MetalForming, as he stresses the need to take stock in his January 2020 MetalForming editorial.

“Most of the metal formers I talk to have been actively investing, learning and winding along new paths in order to forge new relationships with new customers in new market areas,” he writes, detailing in particular the increased implementation of automation.

Heyco Metals
Since 1969, Heyco Metals has rolled out high-precision, light-gauge coil and strip. Now celebrating its 50th anniversary, the company excels in copper, copper alloys and stainless steel as it continues a proven commitment to pristine surface quality, short lead times, exact specifications and unparalleled value for customers.

FABTECH Hits Las Vegas in November, and Chicago 2021 Shifts to September
North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event heads to the Las Vegas Convention Center November 18-20, 2020. Start making plans now. And, beginning in 2021, FABTECH’s biannual Chicago, IL, show shifts its dates to September.

AMUG image
2020 AMUG Conference—Join Us
The AMUG Conference brings a unique experience to additive manufacturing (AM). Designed to facilitate information exchange between AM users, the conference brings together individuals of all experience levels that wish to do more with the technology. What makes the AMUG Conference different is the openness of attendees and willingness to share. March 22 – 26, 2020.

WATCH: 20,000 Toys Donated in Kapco Metal Stamping’s Annual Christmas Drive
Kapco Metal Stamping, headquartered in Grafton, WI, and continuing a tradition it began 14 years ago, conducted its annual Kids 2 Kids Toy Drive, with local first responders serving as Santas to deliver the toys.

The company performs stamping, fabrication, welding and other services for its customer base.
“It's a great teachable moment for everybody as a parent to kind of turn inward to our kids and talk to them a little bit about giving back,” says Jim Kacmarik, president of Kapco Metal Stamping, when describing the drive in a report by CBS TV-58 in Milwaukee.

Downstream Impacts from the Increased Use of Ultra-Strong Materials
As automotive bodies include increasing amounts of higher-strength steels and aluminum alloys, the impact of these materials choices reach beyond the metal forming community and affect the entire supply chain. In his Science of Forming column in the January 2020 issue of MetalForming, Daniel J. Schaeffler, Ph.D., explores the impact.

“The high strength of alloys used for passenger-cage parts promotes greater occupant safety but doesn’t eliminate the risk of a crash,” he writes, citing one example. “When crashes do occur with passengers trapped inside, rescue personnel use power tools, including the Jaws of Life, to cut through sections of the passenger cage such as the B-pillar or roof rail. When the first Jaws of Life patent was filed, the highest-strength steel available had a tensile strength of about 50,000 psi. Today, passenger-cage parts typically feature steel with 200,000-psi tensile strength, with 300,000-psi tensile grades becoming commercialized. Over the past decade, rescue teams had to purchase new tools capable of attacking these ultra-high-strength sections, while learning vehicle-specific best practices of how and where they should target their efforts.”

WeldTube video
WATCH: WeldTube, South Coast Welding Academy Support TX High School Welders
WeldTube went out in full force with the South Coast Welding Academy to support the Texas High School Welding Series at Columbus High School in Columbus, TX, and gave out two full scholarships to the winners.

Lubrication Technology for Metal Formers and Die Shops
This two-day program in Novi, MI, will bring stampers and die shops up to date on new lubricants for stamping and tool and die machining, and help them evaluate new formulations and select the right lubricant for the job. Attendees also will come away with an understanding of the various techniques available for applying lubricant, to ensure optimum application while minimizing waste.
Learn more

Hot Off the Press

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January 2020
Pressing for Perfection
Stamper achieves productivity gains with precision presses after assessing new or refurbished options.

Robotic Press Tending: Easier Integration
Deciding to bring robots into stamping and related workcell operations? Advancements bring huge reductions in time and money spent planning, installing and programming.

Metal Stamping and Tool & Die Conference
Kick off 2020 with a must-attend, info-packed event, the Metal Stamping and Tool & Die Conference, January 28-29 at the Nashville (TN) Airport Marriott. Presented by the Precision Metalforming Association in association with MetalForming magazine, the conference features keynote presentations, educational breakout sessions for stamping and tool and die, exhibits and a networking reception for more than 200 attendees and sponsors. Track sessions feature new, emerging, evolving and maturing technologies and industry trends that are impactful to metal-stamping, die-design and die-construction companies.
Get details and register.

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