QDC Squeezes Every Drop of Productivity

October 28, 2020

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Technology Focus: Quick Die Change
MetalForming brings you the October installment of our monthly Technology Focus newsletter as we highlight Quick Die Change.

Next Month:  Mechanical Presses

QDC Squeezes Every Drop of Productivity
…from high-speed presses operating at JAE Oregon, a manufacturer of electrical contacts for the automotive industry. Also boosting productivity: successfully transitioning a great deal of its tooling-related maintenance from corrective maintenance to predictive/preventive.

ATI image
ATI Robotic/Automatic Tool Changers
ATI Industrial Automation Tool Changers allow for quick and easy changing of press tooling and transfer equipment. ATI offers a wide selection of Tool Changer models to cover a variety of applications. Key features include: Excellent repeatability, high rigidity, and a lightweight and compact design.

LISTEN: PMA President Featured on Destiny of Manufacturing Podcast
PMA President David Klotz joined the Destiny of Manufacturing podcast to discuss how metal formers have dealt with COVID-19, how the industry will look one to five years into the future, and the increasing importance of training.

MJC image
UV-C Light Disinfection Solutions – Fight the spread of COVID-19
As part of our continues growth into meeting the demand for automated manufacturing solutions and today’s fight to reduce the spreading of COVID-19, MJC Engineering & Technology is now a distributor for UVD Robots. The UVD Robot is a fully autonomous mobile platform emitting concentrated UV-C Light onto high, medium or low touch surfaces in support of normal cleaning routines. Call MJC Engineering for a product demo at your facility.

Metal Stamping and Tool & Die Conference Now Includes Lubrication Technology
New for 2021, PMA’s Metal Stamping and Tool & Die Conference, scheduled for January 26-27, 2021, in Nashville, TN,  is adding a program on lubrication technology. The conference will feature keynote presentations and breakout educational sessions on stamping, tool and die, and lubrication.

TJ Snow image
New Online Resistance Welding Seminar Training
T.J. Snow now offers an online alternative to its popular resistance welding seminars. Learning modules have been adapted to suit an online, interactive environment. Classes can be adapted to fit any company’s specific applications and needs, including content customization as well as start time and class duration. Call (423) 894-6234 for more info.

Off Center loading chart
Off-Center Loading
When forces are not distributed evenly across the press slide, the press slide will tip and move laterally in the direction of the greatest force. If this movement occurs while punches are engaged with other die components, excessive wear or die damage may occur. Damage and wear increases maintenance costs and compromises dimensional consistency of the stampings being produced. When off-center loads exceed press capacity, wear and damage to the press also can occur.

Ross Dexco image
Dexco Racks Create Vertical Storage Capacity for Metal Stampers, Formers and Fabricators
Dexco Tool & Die Racks reduce downtime and damage to costly manufacturing equipment by providing vertical storage capacity with high-strength shelves engineered to handle loads exceeding 80,000 lbs. Optimize your operations by maximizing floor space, enhancing safety and increasing through-put with Dexco racks.

Hot Off the Press
Wintriss Offers Virtual Die Protection Clinic
Pure Safety Group Names Ward New CEO
Kland Aida Appointed President and COO of Aida-America
Jireh Metal Products Recognized for Diversity and Inclusion
Larson Tool & Stamping Company Adds Quality Engineer

Seyi image
SEYI. Your Servo Press Provider
SEYI servo presses offer the latest in direct drive motor and control technology, combined with unique frame designs and features. The slide motion programmability gives stampers the ability to optimize production, work with advanced materials, reduce secondary operations, and extend tooling maintenance intervals. Multiple servo presses are always in stock for quick delivery.
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October 2020 issue
October 2020
Formable High-Strength Steels, Part 1: HSLA and Bake-Hardenable Steels
Many options exist to increase the strength and hardness of steel. In most engineered applications, however, strength is not the only important parameter.

Heating Helps Forming, Part 2: Warm and Hot Forming of Aluminum
Aluminum, with approximately one-third the density of steel, long has been known for its lightweighting potential in automotive and aerospace applications. Warm and hot forming improve formability of aluminum sheet or increase the strength of the final part.

Logopress image
Logopress3 Progressive Blank Companion
Logopress3 Progressive Blank Companion helps the user create the intermediate stages of a complex shaped stamped part by doing only partial "unforming" of select areas of the complex shaped part in minutes instead of hours or days.

Employee Retention image
The Employee Retention Summit for Manufacturers is for You
In these times of high unemployment, it is critical for you to keep your best employees from leaving.  Even if you're not the highest paying employer in your area, you need strategies to create a workplace culture that WORKS!

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Join the Women in Manufacturing (WiM) Association on Monday, December 14 during its first-ever Virtual Career Fair. Connect with qualified job seekers from across the country while gaining a competitive edge over other companies seeking similar candidates. Learn more and register as a hiring company or job seeker.

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