New Servo Press Optimizes Revenue/Sq. Ft.

June 10, 2020

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Servo Press Optimizes Revenue/Sq. Ft.
Early in 2019, the management team at metal former and fabricator General Stamping & Metalworks (GSM) learned that demand for stamped parts in the fourth quarter would significantly exceed its existing press capacity. That growth spurt would come from one of the firm’s key customers in the utility-scale solar-power industry, as it expected a surge in orders related to the impending step-down of the federal solar tax credit.  

To the rescue: A new Seyi 660-ton model SDG2-660-S-5 servomechanical press, outfitted with a 54-in. Coe feed line equipped with WorkRoll Advisor software. Industrial-equipment supplier Press Automation Inc., Elkhart, IN, supplied GSM with the line. The press-bed size, 145 by 61 in., allows the firm to run large, complex progressive dies and, for some jobs, avoid secondary forming operations.

Link image
Get the Control You Need to Improve Press Production Systems
Link Systems engineers controls that increase the performance of every machine in a unique, integrated stamping press configuration. Intelligent press and automation controls give manufacturers a real-time window into their press production systems. These controls are increasingly important with automation, robotics, IOT connectivity, and shop floor data collection. Read the whitepaper on how intelligent press and automation controls can increase production, extend product life, reduce stress in operations, and provide room to grow.
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June 22-24: Virtual 3rd Annual Internet of Things Experience for Manufacturers
Join MetalForming magazine Monday, June 22 to Wednesday, June 24, for our 3rd Annual Internet of Things Experience for Manufacturers. This virtual conference offers 10 presentations over three days, with networking opportunities as well.

“Before the age of Netflix, Blockbuster was the king of content.”

That reminder of how quickly the world can change comes from Bill Bither, co-founder and CEO of MachineMetrics, Boston, MA, and slated to keynote at the virtual Internet of Things Experience for Manufacturers. He spoke to Brad Kuvin, MetalForming’s editorial director, in Kuvin’s extensive event-preview article.

“Industries change generally for a few specific reasons: new technologies arise that present better solutions to people’s problems, people change in a way that presents new problems that require better solutions (often enabled by technology), or the economy changes in a way that necessitates a reinvention of how people and technology will solve these problems,” Bither says. “Oftentimes, it’s a bit of all three, and many times, the latter is the catalyst for the former two.”

How an MES Solution Improves Shop Floor Efficiency
In manufacturing your money is made on the shop floor.  Learn how an MES System can keep your shop floor operating at peak performance to achieve “zero defect” production, increase work center run time and more.

NHI Consolidates Manufacturing into One, New Facility
After a fundamental change in operational structure, NHI Mechanical Motion, LLC, Claremont, NH, has completed the consolidation of its four manufacturing facilities and warehouse into a newly constructed site that combines the firm’s R&D, product testing, engineering, supply chain and manufacturing operations. The new 130,000-sq.-ft. facility allows for a streamlined layout based on lean principles, bringing all of NHI’s operations under one roof—stamping, machining, injection molding, split forming, welding, custom automated assembly, coating, and machining. Turnkey support teams include engineering, tool room, maintenance and warehousing.

Simpac image
Six Ways SIMPAC Supports Metal Formers
During economic crises, it is important to lean on capital equipment suppliers that provide more than just standalone presses. Increase profits, remain competitive, and EXPLORE THE DIFFERENCE with SIMPAC:
  • Equipment serviceability & spare parts inventory
  • Strategic partnerships with suppliers
  • Immediate accessibility
  • Price | performance ratio
  • Quick delivery
  • Turnkey solutions

Quintus image
Quintus Technologies Delivers High-Pressure Fluid-Cell Press to Piper Aircraft
Piper Aircraft Inc. has installed a high-pressure Flexform press from Quintus Technologies at its manufacturing facility in Vero Beach, FL.

“Piper is the only aircraft manufacturer that offers a complete lineup of training aircraft,” says Piper COO James Funk, “and with a global pilot shortage we have seen a resulting increase in demand for our training products. With this in mind, it is paramount that we have modern, reliable and cost-efficient equipment to help us meet the increase in our production. With its capacity and ease of use, the new Quintus press is helping us manage our growth while controlling costs and improving quality.”

Pepperl Fuchs image
Single Source IIoT Infrastructure—IO-Link Masters from Pepperl+Fuchs Comtrol
Introducing IO-Link Masters from Pepperl+Fuchs Comtrol - the world's first true IIoT IO-Link Masters with MultiLink™ technology. Communicate control information to your PLC using legacy protocols, while simultaneously offering OPC UA or MQTT connections to supervisory systems.
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Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association Commissions First Research Project
The Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association (AMGTA) has selected Jeremy Faludi, Ph.D. (LEED AP BD+C), to oversee its first commissioned university research project, a literature-based systematic review on the environmental sustainability of metal additive manufacturing (AM).

The AMGTA-commissioned research paper will comprise a literature review of existing studies “describing where metal AM provides environmental benefits compared to older manufacturing methods,” says Sherry Handel, AMGTA’s executive director. “This research also may reveal areas in the manufacturing process where AM could cause higher environmental impacts than older manufacturing methods. Through rigorous, independent and ongoing research, AMGTA will publish research findings and share with industry and other key stakeholders what our eco-footprint is now, and what we will need to focus on in the future to be more sustainable.”

Spraying Systems image
Learn How to Eliminate Over-Application of Costly Lubricants
Precision Spray Control technology, from Spraying Systems Co., ensures the proper volume of lubricant is applied, even when line/press speeds or dies change. Precision application eliminates waste of costly lubricants and quality problems caused by inconsistent coverage. Maintenance downtime due to oil mist is eliminated, worker safety is improved and operating costs are decreased.
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Stay On Top of Government COVID-19 News with NTMA/PMA Weekly Webinar
Each Friday, join the NTMA/PMA One Voice advocacy team for updates on government actions taken in response to COVID-19. The brief 30-min. webinars will review developments of the current week and advise on what to expect in the coming days.

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Die Lube/Coolant Reclamation: Green, Lean, and Cost-Effective
Improve your bottom line and environment by reclaiming die lubricants and coolants instead of disposing them as waste using Industrial Innovations Reclaim-Pro. Industrial Innovations cares about you and the environment, which is why they created the Reclaim-Pro. Their Reclaim-Pro coolant purification systems are known for reducing lubrication requirements by as much as 70% while also decreasing machine downtime.
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Hot Off the Press

Metal Forming Strategies for Overcoming Economic Crises
How should metal formers address capital-equipment concerns and investments during trying times? Stephan A. Robertson, general manager/vice president of sales and operation for Simpac America, offers answers in this Q&A piece.

Answering one question on how a purchasing department can work with its manufacturing team to continue investing in new technology, Robertson offers the following: “There are four key factors when considering capital investments: price, performance, delivery and the ability to provide turnkey solutions. In a challenging economy, stampers should evaluate their current equipment and focus on two age groups. For presses within the 5- to 15-yr. age range, consider upgrading controls and automation—feeds and transfers. For older presses, one new machine, especially a servomechanical press, may allow a stamper to replace two or three aging presses. Efficiency skyrockets, as you conserve floor space and human capital.”

June/July 2020 issue
June/July 2020
Coil Handling for Higher-Strength Steel
To learn why working with stronger steels demands unique coil handling technology, and what metal stampers should consider, MetalForming reached out to Kevin Enos, national sales manager for Formtek Maine, which designs and provides such systems. Here he offers his expertise on how systems have evolved to meet the challenges of higher-strength steels, and what metal stampers should know when looking to best process these materials.

Simple Setup of Tonnage Monitors for Stamping Presses
Most presses in today’s stamping plants employ some type of tonnage monitor to read press forces. Think of the last time that a slug buildup caused a die issue, or the die had a double-part condition. Did the tonnage monitor detect the hard hit, or let it pass? This article provides knowledge on how to activate a tonnage monitor in order that it becomes a more-effective stamping tool, and covers two main points: 
  1. Testing the units to see if they are bypassed
  2. Activating the high-limit setpoints.

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  • Supply-Chain Snags―The pandemic has revealed just how fragile the links can be between metal formers and fabricators, and their suppliers and customers. What have the challenges been, and what solutions—reshoring and others—are available?
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