Lube Management: Waste Not, Want Not

June 23, 2021

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Technology Focus: Pressroom Automation
MetalForming brings you the June installment of our monthly Technology Focus newsletter, this month highlighting Pressroom Automation.

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Lube Management: Waste Not, Want Not
Do you really know how much money you’re wasting by applying excess lubricant during stamping processes? Here’s where to look for those hidden and soft costs, to help justify investing in a better application process.

For example, hidden costs associated with excess lube include those for floor cleaner, absorbents, rags and towels for shop cleanup, and excess washing fluid used to remove lubricant from parts. Not to mention repairing damage done to sensors and other press-line equipment when hit with excess lubricant.

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ATI Robotic/Automatic Tool Changers
ATI Industrial Automation Tool Changers allow for quick and easy changing of press tooling and transfer equipment. ATI offers a wide selection of Tool Changer models to cover a variety of applications. Key features include: Excellent repeatability, high rigidity, and a lightweight and compact design.

Attention to Detail Demanded for Servo-Application Success
If we’ve conquered the general ‘how it works’ and ‘what it does’ phases of learning servo technology, we now find ourselves in the ‘it depends’ phase, where servo technology can be leveraged to meet the challenges of specific applications.

Welding Durability, Stamping Precision—Surface Mount Pile Driver by Pepperl+Fuchs
 Pile Driver™ inductive sensor housings are machined from stainless steel stock, making it the best choice for mechanically abusive environments like metalforming. Cylindrical models are available from 8 to 30 mm diameter, in standard and extended-range versions.  Surface-mount models offer 6mm of sensing range from a compact package only 8mm high.
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Zen Manufacturing
LISTEN: Hiring and Retaining in Manufacturing with PMA President David Klotz
 David Klotz, President of Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) joins Bryan Sapot’s Zen and the Art of Manufacturing podcast to discuss hiring and retaining skilled employees.

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Innovative, Reliable and Solutions-Based
We have 40 years of experience in providing line-side and plant-wide lubrication solutions. Using a comprehensive approach, we assess your operations to ensure that you get the right combination of equipment and services for your needs. We will improve your tooling performance and help create a cleaner safer workspace.
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Simpac, Elm Park Labs Collaborating on XR Tool for New CX-Series Presses
Simpac America and Elm Park Labs have partnered to create an extended-reality (XR) tool, with the kick-off project an augmented reality (AR) sales and marketing software tool to showcase Simpac’s CX-200 press, from the manufacturer’s new CX series of C-frame mechanical presses. The CX series and its IIoT technology was designed specifically to accelerate small-part production of stamped parts for the appliance, automotive and other industries.

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Get Smart with Stock Lubrication!
SmartFlow™ enables metal formers to get smart with fluid application. With an intuitive interface, SmartFlow™ allows for simple, guided setup, advanced integration, fluid usage tracking, monitoring, and enhanced diagnostic/maintenance tools. Pair SmartFlow™ with Unist’s precision applicators for lubrication systems that eliminate wasted fluid and mess, reduce scrap, and maximize profit.

Wastewater treatment
Automated Wastewater Treatment: Clean, Compliant and Cost-Effective
Employing fully automated wastewater-treatment systems makes complying with EPA and local wastewater regulations much easier. Such systems not only reliably meet regulatory wastewater requirements, but when using the proper separating agents, also significantly reduce the cost of treatment, labor and disposal.

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STAMTEC KNOWS...It All Starts with the Tool
We understand this and will work closely with you to determine what equipment will best suit your needs. With the broadest range of mechanical and servo presses in the market today, at very competitive prices, Stamtec can certainly provide a viable solution and first-class equipment for you, or point you in the right direction if we are not a good fit. Give us a call today at 931-393-5050, and let’s work together to find your best solution.
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Control Upgrade the Fountain of Youth for 15-yr.-Old Press
Fifteen years is nothing when it comes to the life of a stamping press—at least for most of the press. Much of its structural components can last two to three times that long. But when it comes to drives and controls, 15 years is about it.

Such is the theme of this story, from automotive parts manufacturer Ernst Metal Technologies and its U.S. facility in Moraine, OH. Refurbishment of a 2006-vintage 630-ton Mueller Weingarten transfer press, along with its servo transfer system and zig-zag feeder, included a complete press rewire and new electrical enclosures, replacement of the aging press control with an Allen-Bradley GuardLogix Safety PLC, the upgrade of 14 servo axes, and the addition of signature-based tonnage monitoring.

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Dexco Racks Create Vertical Storage Capacity for Metal Stampers, Formers and Fabricators
Dexco Tool & Die Racks reduce downtime and damage to costly manufacturing equipment by providing vertical storage capacity with high-strength shelves engineered to handle loads exceeding 80,000 lbs. Optimize your operations by maximizing floor space, enhancing safety and increasing through-put with Dexco racks.

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Uniting Hydraulic Presses and Automation
A manufacturer thinking about purchasing a hydraulic press or perhaps with one or several already in the fold likely has views of how the overall process should flow through the press or presses. This vision might include unfulfilled simple automation or a highly developed automated robotic turnkey cell, but the need to produce more high-quality parts repeatably is all too real.

But where to start? A press manufacturer with system-integration capabilities can meet and exceed expectations by providing the press or presses with the right robust, fully integrated automation solution.

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Watch Now: 3 Ways XR Will Reconstruct Metal Forming Practices
Missed the webinar? Watch SIMPAC’s “3 Ways Extended Reality (XR) Will Drastically Reconstruct Metal Forming Practices” online here. Follow SIMPAC across all social channels for updates about its new XR tool and upcoming live demo this September at FABTECH Chicago (Hall D | Booth D46931).

Destaco Wins Robotics Industry Promotion Award
Destaco, Auburn Hills, MI, received the 2020 Robotics Industry Promotion Award at the recent 2021 Digital Marketing Innovation Summit, which was hosted by International Industrial Application News. The award committee determined that Destaco continued to provide high-quality products in accordance with their high standards of service despite the challenges that COVID-19 presented.

Hot Off the Press
Aida-America Fortifies its Engineering and Project-Management Teams
JV Manufacturing Expands into Plastics
Beckwood to Deliver 200-Ton Hydraulic Press to Metal Forming Industries
Metal Forming Companies Challenged to Find Raw Materials and Workers
Komatsu Marks 100th Year in Business

June-July 2021
From the June-July Issue of MetalForming
Stamper Finds Multiple Uses for Metal 3D Printing
Die sections, end-of-arm transfer tooling and pneumatic manifolds are just a few of the applications for the new metal 3D printer in use at the Canadian die-build and stamping facility of Egar Tool and Die.

Work Hardening is Your Friend
Work hardening is characterized by the n-value—related to the slope of stress-strain curve. More formable material grades have higher n-values, meaning that for the same amount of strain created by the part design, more formable grades strengthen to a greater extent.

Exploiting this phenomenon, it may be possible to create a lighter-weight high-strength steel from mild steel.  While this may sound too good to be true, achieving this may require a change in forming methods from draw forming to stretch forming.

New Products
A Portable Coating Solution to Solve Slug Pullback
Schuler Connect Reduces Service Missions
Pallet-Truck Attachment Adjusts Load Height for Improved Order Picking

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