3-Dimensional Services Group Boosts Simulation Capabilities

January 27, 2021

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Technology Focus: Software
MetalForming brings you the January installment of our monthly Technology Focus newsletter, highlighting Software.

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3-Dimensional Services Group Boosts Simulation Capabilities
Facing the “perfect storm” of die design and development—dramatic increases in stamped-part complexity along with compressed customer timelines—led the management team at 3-Dimensional Services Group, in 2015, to invest in new simulation software. The company now regularly calls on the software to help manage blank development, evaluate stamped-part and process feasibility, and generate and simulate alternative die-face designs.

Eliminating that waste led the firm to purchase five seats of AutoForm.   Its team of die designers use three AutoForm modules: StampingAdvisor, DieDesigner and Compensator.

“We use them constantly,” says Primo Tongko III, CAD room senior tool-design leader. “Before AutoForm, everything was done manually. Merely developing a blank could take weeks and consume a lot of material. Now, every part that comes in we run through AutoForm.”

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STAMTEC KNOWS...It All Starts with the Tool
We understand this and will work closely with you to determine what equipment will best suit your needs. With the broadest range of mechanical and servo presses in the market today, at very competitive prices, Stamtec can certainly provide a viable solution and first-class equipment for you, or point you in the right direction if we are not a good fit. Give us a call today at 931-393-5050, and let’s work together to find your best solution.
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Download our Definitive Guide to Improve Your Stamping Press Operations
Explore solutions for improving productivity, choosing OEM or retrofit components, and reducing costs with planned maintenance through our in-depth white paper, case studies, and tools. Since 1995, Torque Technologies has provided the metalforming industry with OEM and retrofit solutions while building a reputation for outstanding performance, product design and quality.

Superior Die Set Partners with Tool Planners to Distribute Cost-Estimating Software
Steel- and aluminum-product provider Superior Die Set Corp., Oak Creek, WI, has aligned with Tool Planners, Inc. to establish Superior Die Set as the exclusive distributor of Tool Planners’ DieEstimator software. The die cost-estimating software promises to provide Superior Die Set customers with greater consistency and more accurate pricing compared to using ballpark estimates when die costs.

Seyi image
SEYI. A Wide Selection of Presses for All Your Needs
SEYI is a leading global manufacturer of conventional and servo-mechanical stamping presses from 28 to 2,750 tons. Press models are designed to meet all your needs: progressive die, transfer, tandem lines, and specialty applications. SEYI always has presses in stock up to 660 tons for quick delivery.

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Eagle Press Forming the Future
Eagle Press, based in Windsor, ON, & Service base in Portland, TN, provides a complete line of Mechanical, Servo and Hydraulic Presses including custom bed areas, stroke lengths, shut heights and large windows as required. The Presses range in capacity from 200 to 3500+ tons, with optional high-tech equipment and stock inventory of Gap Frame & Straight Sided presses available. Contact Eagle Press for your requirement.

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United Performance Metals Implements Stratix ERP Software
United Performance Metals (UPM), Hamilton, OH, a distributor of high-performance metal alloys, has implemented the Stratix metal service center software from Invera. Stratix features include online production planning, coil- and sheet-processing functions, shop-floor receipt of steel coils, shop-floor production recording and online shipment planning.

One feature proving particularly beneficial to UPM is online Order Status Inquiry, which allows staff to provide and review the status of a customer's sales order at a single glance, regardless of where the order is being processed.

Tower image
Tower MWF is Your Lubrication Solutions Provider
Tower connects metal stampers and tool shops with advanced metalworking fluid technology.  With hazard-free products and 87 years of experience, you’ll get the best lubricant solution for your process.  Let us help you solve your problem or simply make life easier.  Isn’t that what we want for 2021?
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SlugKeeper Slug Retention Machine
DTC Products manufactures and sells a patented Slug Retention Machine known worldwide as SlugKeeper. This portable machine puts SlugKeeper grooves into the die cavity wall to keep the slug retained in the die cavity and prevent slugs from pulling back onto the die block surface. This unique device uses a pneumatically powered grinder coupled with a digital micrometer to precisely machine a small, angled groove into the die cavity's sidewall in a stamping die. This groove prevents slugs from pulling onto the die surface where they can damage the production strip, the stamped part, or the stamping die itself.

3D Systems Sells Cimatron and GibbsCAM Businesses to Battery Ventures
As part of a reorganization designed to focus the company on its additive manufacturing technology and offerings, 3D Systems agreed to sell Cimatron Ltd. and its related subsidiaries, which operate the Cimatron integrated CAD/CAM software and GibbsCAM CNC programming software businesses, to Battery Ventures, a technology-focused investment firm, for $65 million. Cimatron and GibbsCAM will join a Battery Ventures-backed manufacturing portfolio that includes SigmaTek Systems, a CAD/CAM software provider for the metal fabrication industry.

Forming Simulation image
Sheet Metal Forming Simulation System
Looking for digital solutions for solving your stamping issues?  FST, Forming Simulation Technologies Inc., is the authorized US distributor of the market leading stamping simulation solution, J-STAMP from Japan.  We specialize in helping Tool and Die shops solve complex issues of formability, springback and springback compensation, efficiently and cost effectively.  Michigan based FST has more than 25 years of experience working with the stamping Industry. For more information, please contact info@formingsimulation.com or visit www.formingsimulation.com.

Industrial Innovations image
 Innovative, Reliable and Solutions-Based
We have 40 years of experience in providing line-side and plant-wide lubrication solutions. Using a comprehensive approach, we assess your operations to ensure that you get the right combination of equipment and services for your needs. We will improve your tooling performance and help create a cleaner safer workspace.
Learn More

Green Packaging image
Prevent Rust on Metal Parts Using VCI Technology
Green Packaging, Inc. helps companies in the metalforming industry save money and improve quality by preventing rust on their metal parts using VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) technology.  If rust and corrosion on your metal parts is a never-ending problem, you should contact the rust prevention experts at Green Packaging, Inc.

case for Software video
The Case for Software Subscriptions in Your Shop
Subscription software services have made their way into the fabricating and manufacturing industries, including many commonly used programs related to ERP, CAD, CAM and even nesting. Users, for the most part, have the option of perpetual (permanently owned) software licenses, but subscriptions continue gaining in popularity.

Unist image
Get Smart with Stock Lubrication!
SmartFlow™ enables metal formers to get smart with fluid application. With an intuitive interface, SmartFlow™ allows for simple, guided setup, advanced integration, fluid usage tracking, monitoring, and enhanced diagnostic/maintenance tools. Pair SmartFlow™ with Unist’s precision applicators for lubrication systems that eliminate wasted fluid and mess, reduce scrap, and maximize profit.

Link image
Get the Control You Need to Improve Press Production Systems
Link Systems engineers controls that increase the performance of every machine in a unique, integrated stamping press configuration. Intelligent press and automation controls give manufacturers a real-time window into their press production systems. These controls are increasingly important with automation, robotics, IOT connectivity, and shop floor data collection. Read the whitepaper on how intelligent press and automation controls can increase production, extend product life, reduce stress in operations, and provide room to grow.
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Global Shop image
What You Won’t Do is as Important as What You Do
We asked our best customers to reveal bad habits that were hurting their business. The results were so compelling that we put the 10 most common into this whitepaper. Download the 10 Things Great Manufacturers Won’t Do whitepaper today to see how many you are or are not doing.

Heyco Metals
Since 1969, Heyco Metals has rolled out high-precision, light-gauge coil and strip. Now celebrating its 50th anniversary, the company excels in copper, copper alloys and stainless steel as it continues a proven commitment to pristine surface quality, short lead times, exact specifications and unparalleled value for customers.

Hot Off the Press
Heyco Metals Launches New Website
Coe Press Equipment Appoints John Kwiatkowski East Coast Regional Sales Manager
Superior Die Set Welcomes New Global Marketing Manager
Rockford Systems Promotes Matt Brenner to Vice President & GM of Machine Safeguarding Business Unit
Clips & Clamps Industries Names New Director of Operations
Organizational Changes Aplenty at Andritz

From the January-FebRuary Issue of MetalForming
What's in Store for Metal Formers?
Economic outlooks issued by many experts late in 2020 project a strong V-shaped recovery from the pandemic-affected global economy, albeit somewhat delayed until the second and third quarters of 2021. So, while we’re not out of the woods yet, it certainly looks like growth and a return to prosperity looms on the horizon—for those companies equipped to meet increased demand, whether through investments in labor and/or new metal forming technology, including automation.

With that, here we break down the outlook for a handful of key sectors for metal formers and fabricators.

Right-Sized Press Anchors Rapid Ramp-Up at Martinrea
A new 1000-ton transfer press, along with 40 new welding cells, have this Tier One facility primed to take on a heavy dose of new business awarded recently by several automotive OEMs. The new work encompasses some 200 new stamping dies for an array of automotive underbody and chassis components.

Upcoming Issues
February Digital Issue
MetalForming provides a comprehensive look at Stamping for Automotive, including EVs.

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  • Resistance Welding

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