Twin-Wire GMAW Ups Productivity in High-Deposition Welding

May 15, 2019

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Lincoln Electric video
Twin-Wire GMAW Ups Productivity in High-Deposition Welding
Lincoln Electric’s HyperFill, a patent-pending twin-wire gas metal arc welding (GMAW) product developed for semi-automatic or robotic applications, increases the usable deposition rate as compared to traditional single-wire GMAW while delivering improved weld quality and puddle stability, according to company officials.

Gema OptiFlex® Pro…Power. Quality. Control.
The new OptiFlex® Pro from Gema gives you the highest charging power in the industry at 110,000 V / 110 μA, allowing you to coat faster and more efficiently. Plus you can manage your application process in real time by using Gema’s exclusive E-App, for total connectivity. More power, more quality, more control. For more information visit www.optiflexpro.com.

Bystronic video
12-kW Fiber Laser with Newly Designed Cutting Head
Bystonic’s new ByStar Fiber 12kW, a fiber laser cutting machine boasting 12 kW of power, offers higher speeds and an expanded spectrum of applications, according to company officials. A newly designed cutting head enables the BeamShaper option that reportedly ensures consistent cutting quality on various materials in thicknesses to 1.125 in.

Engineered Air Nozzles
Upgrade your blowoff, cooling, and drying operation to our award winning engineered Super Air Nozzles. EXAIR's Super Air Nozzles are a simple solution to reduce excessive air consumption and noise levels on compressed air blowoff operations. Force ranging from 2 ounces to 23 pounds. Wide variety of sizes and materials.

Scotchman video
New Hydraulic-Ironworker Options Include LED Lights
Scotchman Industries released three new options available for the company’s current hydraulic-ironworker models, designed to make the equipment more efficient and user friendly.

OTC Daihen
Six-Axis, 100-kg.-Payload Robot Ideal for Many Applications
OTC Daihen, Inc. has debuted the FD-V100 six-axis articulated robot, featuring a 100-kg. payload, horizontal reach of 2236 mm, vertical reach of 3809 mm and repeatability of ±0.08 mm. Applications include material handling, part finishing, machine loading and unloading, weldment handling and positioning, and dispensing.

New Rapid-Delivery Program for Lifting and Positioning Equipment
Southworth Products Corp. has unveiled a program to maximize the availability of lift tables and vertical lifting and positioning equipment for rapid delivery. The company’s new SwiftLift program places LS-series hydraulic lift tables and other products such as PalletPal pallet positioners and E-Z Reach container tilters into three categories of availability: Stock, Modified and Modified+, with maximum shipping lead times of one, two or three weeks, respectively.

Eliminating Defects in Assembly by 95%
Virtek helps guide operators through the assembly process using laser templates projected on parts. The Virtek Iris™ Spatial Positioning System (SPS) offers advanced software created to guide you through the assembly process, the Iris system uses the geometric features of parts, to accurately locate a work piece in 3D space designed for the heavy fabrication and welding industry. Iris improves efficiencies—for some companies as much as 60 percent. Instantly measure and project on parts that were previously impractical or impossible. Detect errors early in the process; prevent costly rework, eliminate the need for templates and ensure assemblies match CAD designs precisely.

Suhner video
Robot Tools for Drilling, Finishing and More
As a specialist in automation processes, machining units, hand held power tools and abrasives, Suhner continues expanding its product range with special tools that can be mounted directly to the robot arm. A quick-change-tool system enables a variety of machining and finishing tools to be connected directly to a robot for continuous use.

Tooling Technology video
Workholding, Fixturing Products and Systems
Tooling Technology has published a 12-pg. catalog outlining its Segen Quick-Change precision-locating systems. These systems can replace traditional nuts, bolts and hand tools in industrial setups, workholding, clamping, fixturing and alignment applications.

New Abrasives Line Includes Flap Discs, Quick-Change Discs
Weldcote Metals announced the availability of a comprehensive line of metalworking abrasives, including more than 900 product items. Included is a line of U.S.-made flap discs, featuring multiple bonding and backing systems, backing plates and design shapes for a variety of applications.

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