Tooling Up for Maximum Punch Productivity

December 16, 2020

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Mate image
Tooling Up for Maximum Punch Productivity
When it comes to operating its turret punch presses, it’s all about maximizing turret output and avoiding the need for secondary operations. To further achieve that goal, Circa Metals recently invested in four new special-application tools, from Mate Precision Tooling, Anoka, MN, to run on a pair of new Prima Power servo-electric Punch Genius turret punch presses.

WEBER PT compact Deburring Machine
WEBER’s PT compact guarantees perfect grinding results meeting even the most stringent demands.  Features WEBER’s “i-Touch” operating panel and easy accessibility for maintenance.  Available with Planetary Head for all-round edge machining across the entire width and operating widths of 1100 and 1350 mm with 1 to 2 grinding stations.
Hans WEBER Sales & Service, Olathe, Kansas 66071, 913-254-1611,,

Koike video
Waterjet Cutting Machine Offers 0.0015-in. Repeatability, Compact Footprint
Koike Aronson Ransome has released the ShopJet waterjet cutting machine, offering the ability to accommodate a range of applications and offering repeatability of ±0.0015 in. It uses the same foundational tabletop design as the company’s ShopPro plasma/oxyfuel cutting machine, it can cut a variety of materials, including ferrous and nonferrous metal alloys to 2 in. thick.

Epicor image
The Risk of Outdated Software
The decision to replace or upgrade from an outdated ERP system can often be a difficult one, because employees grow comfortable with it.  However, it’s probably weighing you down. With the speed at which technology is advancing, manufacturers can no longer afford to continue using outdated ERP systems. Read on to learn why a modern ERP system built for manufacturing business growth may be the most important step you take for the success of your company.

Esab image
SMAW-Electrode Line Expanded, More Packaging Options
Esab Welding & Cutting Products has transformed its Sureweld brand of shielded-metal-arc-welding (SMAW) electrodes, expanding the number of grades available and packaging the 3/32- and 1/8-in.-dia. electrodes in 1- and 5-lb. resealable plastic tubes. The new packaging includes new color-coded identification and retail displays to help distributors and customers select the proper product.

AMADA Introduces the World’s First Fiber Laser Cutting System with Locus Beam Control (LBC)
AMADA’s LBC Technology creates infinite locus patterns—ensuring the optimum beam shape for each specific cutting application. This results in the highest-quality cuts in both stainless and mild steel and the best edge quality in aluminum with virtually no dross. The VENTIS 3015 AJ leverages a high-brightness fiber laser oscillator to maintain optimum quality of the high-energy density laser beam. Unique cutting capabilities and exceptional speed enable the 4kW VENTIS to easily rival fiber lasers utilizing much higher wattage at a considerably lower operating cost.

Lasercoil image
Automotive Blanking Without Stamping Dies Via Laser
One area where manufacturers can look for cost-effective and efficient solutions: new technologies for producing body-panel blanks for forming. Here, laser blanking can play a major role, not only in providing flexibility in manufacturing operations, but also in cost savings for automakers willing to have a little foresight.

BLM image
Choosing the right 3D cutting technology
Which 3D cutting technology best meets your needs?  With various technologies to choose from, you want to choose the system that best boosts your productivity, lowers your part costs, and improves your quality. Read on to understand your choices and see if a 5-axis laser cutter should be in your future.

Weiler video
New Flap Discs for Grinding Aluminum
Weiler Abrasives has expanded its abrasives offering to include Tiger Aluminum flap discs, featuring a unique paired-flap design for grinding of aluminum. The design includes a top flap with a coating that prevents loading, provides a high cut-rate and eliminates the need to apply wax or lubricant prior to grinding.

Lincoln Electric video
New CNC Plasma Cutting Table Accepts 5 by 10-ft. Sheets
Lincoln Electric has introduced the Torchmate 4510 CNC plasma cutting table, the latest in the 4000-series product line following Torchmate 4400 and 4800 machines, but expanded to a 5 by 10-ft. table configuration. The new model retains time-tested components of the 4000-series tables, including FlexCut plasma cutters, reliable motion controls, simple-to-use touchscreen and user-friendly Torchmate CAD software, offer company officials. The machine is delivered fully assembled, enabling it to be ready to cut within 30 min. of delivery.

ABB video
Quicker QC Testing via 3D-Inspection Robot Cell
Reportedly capable of detecting defects of less than half the width of a human hair and imperceptible to the naked eye, ABB’s new 3D quality inspection (3DQI) robot cell eliminates the need for time-consuming manual inspection while substantially reducing the likelihood of faults and errors. Key benefits of the 3DQI cell include its combined speed, accuracy to below 100 μm and flexibility provided by its modular design, with users able to create a solution tailored to their exact requirements. image
Tips for Troubleshooting Arc-Welding Defects
Weld defects plague even some of the most skilled welders, and usually result from the use of incorrect parameters or welding techniques. They can be frustrating and costly, so follow the tips offered here to help cure and minimize their occurrence.

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