Robots & Cobots: Shop-Floor Applications and ROI

November 16, 2022

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Robots & Cobots: Shop-Floor Applications and ROI
From large OEMs and Tiers to Mom & Pop job shops, robotic automation has taken off. Find out where robots and cobots serve best on the shop floor and how best to determine payback.

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BLM GROUP’s New LS7 Laser Cutter
Get undisputed production efficiency with axis acceleration of 2g and up to a 12kW fiber laser source, as well as one the fastest pallet changers ever. The LS7 can cut steel, stainless, iron, copper, brass, and aluminum in sheet sizes up to 162" x 79", thickness from 0.20” to 1.57”, or even double sheets.

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Lantek Global Release 2022 Offers Advances in Flexibility, Automation
Lantek has introduced more than 80 improvements and advances in its latest software family, Lantek Global Release 2022, designed to optimize flexibility, usability, and automation. For starters, the Lantek Expert CAD/CAM nesting software solution features a redesigned module that allows automatic tagging technology to be applied, providing improved configuration options to adapt to any part geometry or level of cut quality. The new version also facilitates the native interpretation of bending-line technology from the import stage, as well as the automatic import of nests created by external systems including the automatic detection of repeated parts. Additionally, new options have been added for the semiautomatic generation and modification of scrap.

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Get into 3D Laser Processing
As a pioneer in 3D laser processing, TRUMPF provides beam sources and complete systems containing optimally coordinated components. TRUMPF’s 3D systems excel in a range of applications including cutting, welding and laser metal deposition. TRUMPF’s fully integrated systems make it easy for you to get started in the 3D world.
3D laser cutting machines | TRUMPF

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New Sheet and Tube Fabricator Has Lofty Goals
Having retired after 30 years of engineering and management in the oil and gas industry, and having run his own manufacturing business, Jim Rose ultimately “grew tired of laying on the couch,” he says. Jump off the couch Rose has, purchasing, in 2020, land in Hunker, PA, about 25 miles southwest of Pittsburgh. Today, Rose and his wife, also an engineer, run Fossil Industries in 36,000 sq. ft. of new manufacturing space, with plans to roughly double the space at an adjacent site.

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Increase Productivity with HP Accu-Lock® Retainer Inserts
Build your custom dies faster with HP Accu-Lock® Retainer Inserts from Wilson Tool International and simplify the use of special retainers by eliminating the need for complicated jigs, inspection fixtures and specialized knowledge. Punches are held securely in place with a straight-line machined hole that can easily be created in-house.

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SigmaSuite V23 Redefines Nesting Strategies and Process Optimization
SigmaNest, a provider of CAD/CAM and business software for the fabrication industry, introduces version 23 of its software suite, delivering new nesting strategies to further optimize part processing and workflow efficiency. And the new release includes three new Connected Shop applications—a set of software tools that connects the people and processes in the shop with the goal to leverage the unique nature of the operation. Says vice president Kevin Ramirez: “While the goal is to optimize all available manufacturing resources, the emphasis on real-world nesting based on operational processes has shown extraordinary value in compounding efficiency beyond material savings alone.”

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Automation in Abundance, Arc Welding Included
Robotic arc welding productivity jumps 30 percent when a new state-of-the-art cell steps in for one nearing the end of its useful life. Upgrades in robot performance and welding technology improve weld quality, reduce rework and make spatter removal a distant memory.

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Linear Robots More Versatile than Ever
From handling small parts to large masses, an extended range of Cartesian subsystems from Bosch Rexroth promises to open up new areas of application. The firm’s expanded portfolio of linear robots includes new axis combinations and sizes, with a much wider range of working areas and loads to make the subsystems suitable for material-handling applications.

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New Ross Controls Electrical Isolation Device Proves Beneficial for LOTO
Ross Controls, Ferndale, MI, has expanded its range of electrical safety solutions by introducing the e L-O-X electrical isolation device.  The device proves particularly useful, say company officials, in situations where a long distance exists between the main electrical disconnect and the machine, causing extra downtime traveling back and forth when performing local lockout/tagout.

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Gain Extra Load Capacity with this Dorner Medium-Duty Conveyor
For applications that need a little extra boost in load capacity, the new 2700 medium-duty conveyor from Dorner, Hartland, WI, reportedly has the strength to carry heavier products for a variety of industrial automation and packaging applications including palletizers, multi-lane processing, case and tray handling and end-of-line packaging.

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