Rapid Response Cell Ends Production Interruption

October 20, 2021

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Rapid Response Cell Ends Production Interruption
How can a metal-fabrication job succeed at prototype development without tying up equipment and sacrificing its volume production work? Learn from Decimet Sales Inc., Rogers, MN, where a newly commissioned rapid-response cell allows it to ramp up its prototyping capabilities while allowing production projects to run uninterrupted.

Innovative Carbide Solutions for Metal Forming
Take advantage of a comprehensive product portfolio ranging from blanks to ready-to-use tools for a wide variety of metal forming applications. Our complete service promise goes far beyond standard products and includes individual solutions specifically tailored to your needs. With our online configurator, your individual solution is just seconds away!

Streamlined Part Separating, Picking and Sorting Minimizes Laser-Cut Part Costs
At FABTECH, Trumpf displayed what it calls “Smart Solutions”—software and hardware needed to drive the profitability of sheet metal fabricating operations.  When it comes to laser cutting, the focus not only is on laser power and cutting speed; we’re talking minimizing part costs by paying attention to what happens after the cut. 

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The Heavyweight Champion of Aluminum Cutting
Schelling’s fm12 plate saw offers a maximum cutting height of 10 inches. A dynamic new option is the Automatic Manipulation Device (AMD), a linear robot for fully automatic handling and cutting of full-size aluminum plates, intermediate strips, and finished parts.  Gentle handling of materials, efficiency, and quality are assured.

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Amada Targets Prototyping and Product-Development Work with New, Compact Laser-Cutting Machine
At FABTECH…Packed with metal fabrication equipment from all of its product groups, Amada used the FABTECH 2021 stage to debut (to the North American market) its Brevis 1212 AJ, a compact 3-kW fiber-laser cutting machine that occupies a trim 8 by 10-ft. footprint and proves ideal, we learned from Amada representatives, for product and process development.  It’s aimed at companies cutting parts as large as 4 by 4 ft., and seeking high-speed cutting with easy material loading.

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Easy Cladding Fabrication from Screen to Machine!
Yes, you can!
  • Increase your cladding production workflow
  • Easily label and track your ACM panels
  • Save time and money with more efficient cutting processes
Learn how in a free webinar “How to Simplify Cladding Production. AXYZ Intro to ACM Fabrication”  on Oct 21.
Register today!

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Cobots Cut Arc Welding Time, Other Bottlenecks for Fabricator
Siouxland Fabricating reports deploying cobots for welding and stamping applications at a fraction of the cost for traditional industrial automation, with huge production savings across applications.

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WEBER TTSC Deburring Machine
The most compact of all WEBER dry grinding machines, the TTSC can combine up to 3 stations for deburring, rounding, descaling and surface grinding.  Equipped with a variable operating height; grinding belt length up to 75”; and working widths of 24”, 43”, or 53”.  Also available with optional vacuum table. Hans WEBER Sales & Service, Olathe, Kansas 66071, 913-254-1611, sales@weberamerica.com, www.weberamerica.com

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G Whiz—20-kW Laser Cutting Machine Promises Accelerated Throughput
Starting with a 4-kW machine three years ago, and now topping out with a 20-kW system, Schrock Fabrication has boosted laser cutting power—and g forces with it—to keep up with high-volume needs.

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Cut 3D Parts After Forming
BLM GROUP USA’s 12 kW Sheet Laser Cutter and ProBend Press Brakes work together to make manufacturing better for you. ProBend electric E-Series comes in 44-276 ton models for bending lengths of 4’ - 17’ or hybrid H-Series in 44 - 660 ton models for bending 4’ - 20’ lengths.
Watch how.

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New Laser and Smart Bending Cell Star at Prima Power Booth
At FABTECH…Prima Power showcased its new 2D laser-cutting machine, the Laser Genius+, as well as its fully servo-electric bending solutions--the BCe Smart panel bender and eP-0520 press brake. The new Laser Genius+ offers a 180-m/min. trajectory speed and 2.8-g acceleration, as well as a small footprint and user-friendly control concept with two 24-in. full-HD monitors and a 4K video camera.

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12-kW Capability on Flat-Sheet Laser Cutting Machines
At FABTECH…BLM Group USA showcased increased processing power for its LS5 (pictured) and LC5 flat-sheet laser cutting machines with the new option of a 12-kW fiber laser source. The LS5, shown with available automation features, can work in tandem with the company’s new ProBend press brakes. The LS5 and LC5 can cut steel, stainless steel, iron, copper, brass and aluminum sheets in thicknesses from 0.039 to 1.37 in., and users can specify the power level, from 2 to 12 kW, for their needs. The machines feature simultaneous-axis speed to 196 m/min. and swift acceleration paired with rigid mechanical structures.

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Single-Piece Cartridge Consumable for New Air-Plasma Series
At FABTECH…Hypertherm unveiled its Powermax Sync series of handheld air-plasma systems, including a unique single-piece cartridge consumable. The Powermax65/85/105 systems feature built-in intelligence, with the series and its SmartSync torch replacing the traditional five-piece consumable stack with a single color-coded cartridge. Technology embedded in each cartridge automatically sets the correct amperage, air pressure and operating mode, according to Hypertherm officials, and informs operators when a new cartridge is needed.

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