Punch Press Tooling Ideal for Adding Strengthening Ribs

June 19, 2019

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Punch Press Tooling
Punch Press Tooling Ideal for Adding Strengthening Ribs
Mate Precision Tooling’s Rollerball punch press tool allows users to quickly and simply create stiffening ribs and decorative beads in sheet metal without secondary operations.

Gema OptiFlex® Pro…Power. Quality. Control.
The new OptiFlex® Pro from Gema gives you the highest charging power in the industry at 110,000 V / 110 μA, allowing you to coat faster and more efficiently. Plus you can manage your application process in real time by using Gema’s exclusive E-App, for total connectivity. More power, more quality, more control. For more information visit www.optiflexpro.com.

New Version of Sheet Metal
New Version of Sheet Metal CAD/CAM Software
Radan 2020.0 sheet metal CAD/CAM software, from Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division, promises a reduction in mouse clicks (reportedly almost by half) and improvements to nesting and reporting, allowing users to save both time and costs, according to company officials.

Corrosion Protected Stainless
Corrosion-Protected Stainless Steel Brushes
Inox-Total stainless steel brushes from Pferd Inc., with all brush components created from Type-302 material, are ideal for use in environments sensitive to contamination.

NEW Conveyor Selection Tool
Some of the most important questions to answer when matching metal scrap with the right conveyor include identifying the type and size of scrap, volume, fluid amount, and required conveyor path. Discover the solution that’s right for moving your metal scrap with PRAB’s NEW Conveyor Selection Tool. Try it Now!

Scissor-Lift Tables
Scissor-Lift Tables Offer Extended Travel, Compact Footprint
Presto Ecoa Lifts has debuted its CLT-series compact scissor lifts for a variety of work-positioning, assembly, repair and inspection applications. The industrial-duty lifts are available in capacities including 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000 and 6000 lb.

Handheld Air Plasma Cutter
Handheld Air-Plasma Cutter Pierces 5/8-in.-Thick Metal
Thermal Dynamics, an Esab brand, has debuted the Cutmaster 58 handheld air-plasma cutting system, a reintroduction of the Cutmaster 52 that has been upgraded to include the SL60 QD (quick-disconnect) 1Torch as standard.

Hans Weber
Weber PT
The WEBER PT is the perfect deburring machine for lasered, punched and nibbled parts. It handles deburring, rounding, descaling and surface grinding of thin sheets and heavy plates. Up to 4 grinding stations allow for all machining variations. Improved accessibility for maintenance; modular design; and optional simultaneous top/bottom machining are just some of the advantages of the WEBER PT.
Hans WEBER Sales & Service, Olathe, Kansas 66071, 913-254-1611, sales@weberamerica.com, www.weberamerica.com

New Resistance Spot Welding Power
New Resistance Spot Welding Power Supplies Feature Remote-Control Operation
Amada Miyachi America, Inc. announced complete product and sales support for the DC1013-T and DC613-T series of linear DC resistance spot welding power supplies, manufactured by sister company MacGregor. Typically used in aerospace, medical and electronic assembly applications, the units reportedly are ideal for butt welding fuses, welding components to leadframes, gold ribbon bonding and welding fine wire to pads.

AI Powered Pipe Welding
AI-Powered Pipe-Welding System Incorporates Cobot
Arc Specialties has solved the challenge of creating repeatable full-penetration pipe welds by combining artificial intelligence, advanced sensors and the six-axis UR5 collaborative robot (cobot) arm from Universal Robots into its new Artificial Intelligence Pipe Welding (AIPW) system.

MEFTECH 2019 Coming to Istanbul
Following the success of the first Metal Forming Technology Day held in Bursa, Turkey, in 2017, the 2nd Metal Forming Technology Day (MEFTECH) is set for June 24, 2019, in Istanbul, Turkey, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Speakers representing companies and organizations such as Land-Rover, Uddeholm, Arcelor Mittal, Toyotetsu and The Ohio State University will deliver presentations on the following: 
  • New grades for hot stamping (press hardening)
  • Aluminum applications in automotive body-in-white
  • Mechanical and servo press technologies—how to use them more efficiently
  • Real-time vision systems for quality control in sheet metal forming lines
  • Edge cracks in AHSS stamping
  • New developments in sheet metal forming simulations
  • Tool steels and treatments for enhanced tool lives.

Small Internal Mix
Small Internal-Mix Spray Nozzles Coat, Cool, Treat and Paint
New 1/8 NPT small internal-mix spray nozzles from Exair atomize fluids at speeds to 42 gal./hr., with small atomizing nozzles mixing liquid and air inside the cap to produce the fine atomization. Internal-mix nozzles can be used on liquids with viscosities to 300 centipoise.

Video Marketing
Need Video to Support Your Website and Social Media Platforms?
Do you need new video content for your website and social-media platforms?  Looking for a professional videographer to produce a virtual tour of your facilities, or to capture a key specialty process that provides your company with a competitive advantage? Let MetalForming magazine help.  Now available, in partnership with Toth Media, LLC:
  • Company profile or promotional video production
  • Product or service promotional or educational video development
  • Indoor/outdoor drone videography
  • Photography; and more
Request a quote today—e-mail Brad Kuvin.

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