Press Brake’s Automatic Tool Changer

May 18, 2022

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Press Brake’s Automatic Tool Changer
…reduces setup time by a factor of 10 and transfers much of the process expertise from the shop floor to the engineering office, transitioning the role of operators into process designers and programmers and moving traditional blue-collar work into the realm of white-collar.

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Configurable Laser Cutting Systems
BLM Group’s LS5 Sheet Laser Cutter can be configured – transversal or longitudinal—to fit your space requirements. Available with up to 12 kW power, 20’ x 6.5’ bed size, automated nozzle change and Active Tools for optimized cutting. Optional automated sheet loading and storage tower.

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Punching Tools Eliminate Fasteners, Secondary Operations
Mate Precision Technologies offers two tools that can eliminate fasteners and the need for secondary operations, according to a new company blog post.

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Stamping Through Advanced High Strength Steel
Working with the Impax Tooling Solutions® team at Wilson Tool International to determine the right design, tool steel, coating and finish options can produce big gains in tool life and performance. Each application has unique needs and unique solutions.

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Cobot Bin Picking is Top Pick for Assembly Application
The Schaeffler Group employs a cobot-anchored solution to properly pick and place stamped parts in the correct orientation while meeting needed cycle-time targets.

Get into 3D Laser Processing
As a pioneer in 3D laser processing, TRUMPF provides beam sources and complete systems containing optimally coordinated components. TRUMPF’s 3D systems excel in a range of applications including cutting, welding and laser metal deposition. TRUMPF’s fully integrated systems make it easy for you to get started in the 3D world.
3D laser cutting machines | TRUMPF

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AutoForm Enhances its Software for Design and Simulation of Tube-Forming Processes
AutoForm Engineering GmbH announced the introduction of new functionality for its TubeXpert software, developed to support tube bending, forming and hydroforming processes. The new version features a completely new solver that includes new material laws, enhances contact between the tube and tooling, and provides improved meshing capability, say company representatives.

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How ERP Enables Shop-Floor Success
Proper ERP integrates with information from MES and nesting software to provide visibility into the three Ms—machine, manpower and material.

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Improved Software Deskills Video Measuring, Improves Repeatability of Results
Nikon Metrology, Brighton, MI, has introduced version 13 of its AutoMeasure software, used to drive its NEXIV series of CNC video-measuring machines, with two new features that allow even novice operators to run the machines and compare inspection results automatically against CAD models.

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ERP Trends & Expectations for Manufacturers in 2022
According to the 2021 State of Manufacturing Digital Transformation survey by ECI Software Solutions, nearly 95 percent of manufacturers say that their ERP solutions helped them manage the impacts of the pandemic. Here we present some of the most notable ERP trends.

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Sheet Metal Fabricator Adds Wide-Belt Metal-Finishing Machine
Tab Industries, LLC, Reading, PA, has purchased a new EZ Sander wide-belt metal-finishing machine from Apex Machine Group, with companion dust collector. Expanding the company's range of automated equipment for deburring, grinding and slag removal, the 37-in.-wide-capacity machine offers increased speed and throughput capabilities for finishing large parts while also offering a brushed finish as an option.

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